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A Man Who Prays

When I feel that God is speaking, I listen…..

I had written a variation of the piece below in Fall 2019 for the special man in my life. I decided to post it, but saved it as a draft, forgot about it and never posted it. It was seeing a Facebook profile post in which my friend, T.O., narrator of TCV ‘Buds’, was pictured with his eyes closed as if he was praying, that sparked me to find this piece and post it. For me, it represented God’s timing, not mine. Although delayed again, looks like now is the time to share that there’s something so special and so beautiful about “a man who prays”…

Some of the most beautiful words ever spoken to me are, “Babe, Let’s pray.” It is such a blessing to hear the utterance of those three tension-freeing, loving, spirit-filled words, spoken by a spiritually mature man who prays for me; who prays with me; who covers me, my family and those connected to me in prayer; who doesn’t always pray in absentia, but does so in my presence, aloud so that I can hear it. Sometimes, we want to hear what/how folk are praying for us. It has a special way of touching our soul, and no doubt, warms our spirit. It surely does that for me. It feels as if I’m listening in on his heartfelt, sometimes comical, and very intimate conversations with God. I’m so grateful for that! I thank God and often thank him, as well, however, he doesn’t get caught up in my gratitude toward him, as he makes sure to say, “To God be the glory. To God be the glory, babe.”

I’m blessed to have a window pane-view into this man’s soul through his genuine passion for prayer. It is amazing how his heart doesn’t let his mind forget anyone who he knows is in need of God’s intervene. It is amazing how his love, reverence, and honor of Our Lord and Savior are all clearly evident and elevated as he speaks. It is so amazing how God is using Him to strengthen me, so that I may, even more so, tap into the power of prayer. For that, I am thanking God again, as I type, for putting this man of God in my life. He heard my many prayers, and answered them in the right season, in His timing.

I pray that God continues to strengthen and empower him to use the divine weaponry of prayer to touch lives, encouraging others to pray, without ceasing. I pray that God allows him to use his gift, and it is certainly that, to bring to fruition his desire to have “a mic and a venue” to speak life to the power of prayer, and death to the absence of it! I pray that his mind is open to what that platform is, as he prays for God’s continued guidance and direction.

We ALL, men and women, should be people who pray—-praying for ourselves and for each other. We ALL should encourage one another to pray! We ALL should fully tap into the peace and Divine presence that prayer brings. We should ALL see beauty in anyone being in a posture of prayer, having those ever so important conversations with God. I am reflecting and feeling blessed by the folk in my life who have prayed and continue to pray for and with me…no questions asked—praying family and friends! To God be the Glory!

It is what it is…The visual of a praying man is and always will be a beautiful site to me. A man who prays…Forever appealing to these ‘Cherry’ eyes (and ears)!😊 Shout-out to the praying men out there!

Speaking of a man who prays, check out this wonderfully written song that I saw recently performed on GMA. It’s also posted on TCV’s Music’s Manna page.

Peace & Blessings, Lisa B

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