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Absolutely Absolute Forever Love

God has been dealing with me so much with the song “Forever”, delivered so beautifully and devotionally (for me), by Jason Nelson. I tell you, that song is musically ‘everything’ to my spirit! The lyrics grab me from the first line, as it kicks off with a heart-wrenching, soul-satisfying flow like this: God says I’ll be committed to you I’ll never leave you Nothing in this world could make me Walk away No matter what life may bring I’ll be by your side No matter what you face You won’t be lonely

It continues with the chorus, which is what my spirit ears hear each morning, not long after I wake, and throughout the day: Because forever is a long time That’s how long I’ll love you That’s how long I’ll love you Forever Forever is a long time That’s how long I’ll love you That’s how long I’ll love you Forever What a powerful, solid, secure, loving thing to know! What a blessing to have this guarantee, without any fine print or strings!! It’s 100%, forever and always! It’s absolute in every way known or even possible. It’s absolutely the mercy, goodness and selflessness of our absolutely great, forever-loving God!!

Well, my thoughts have traveled for weeks, dissecting in wonderment, the beauty and not-so-pretty thoughts relating to ‘absolute’ words. A few alphabet combinations come to mind, many of which are included in “Forever.” You know, those things that are without a doubt, a given, a guarantee, no question, no blurred lines or rose-colored lenses—Words like, Absolutely, Unconditional, Forever, Always, Everlasting, Eternal, Perfect, Pure, Never, Limitless, No matter what…., etc. I’m reminded that there’s no subjectivity to words like this. There’s no fog; there’s no gray area to debate. It absolutely ‘is what it is!’

In that vein, we, oftentimes, communicate such without truly meaning what we say, even at the altar…Hello and ouch! 🙂  Maybe that affirms my spirit-task for this post. Marriage is not always an absolute. Neither is ‘in love’, relationships, friendships, financial standings, employment status, happiness, and yes, even peace-of-mind. All of these things can be temporary or take a step outside of an absolute state. It may not always or forever be. It slips; it backslides; it reneges; it changes, but may re-adjust. It may have a long stint, but it ain’t gonna be everlasting! It may not be forever, just seasonal. And if it ain’t forever, then it sure ain’t gonna be for always! 😉

I think we should be cognizant of the things that are truly absolute. I believe that we should look at the world, its people, its issues and its circumstances in figurative bifocal lenses. Know and better yet, discern what warrants our focus, time and energy, and pray for absolute guidance on how to act or respond. Why do we grant too much heart, mind, and soul space to things that give us nowhere near what “Forever” conveys? Of course, only one person can deliver those goods anyway, therefore, we should be reminded and be grateful every moment for God extending unconditional love for us in such a beautiful, amazing, incredible, awe-inspiring and infinite way!

As we enjoy the festivities of the holiday season designed to give thanks, let’s remember some absolutes— We are never worthy. We are not perfect. We are always going to fall short. We are challenged to love unconditionally. Our hearts are not always pure. Therefore, we should marinate on the meaning of those aforementioned absolute words, as well as others, and apply them accordingly. We should always be reminded, never forgetting, how perfect and absolute God’s love is for us, and be further comforted in this verse of “Forever“… No matter what life may bring I’ll be by your side No matter what you face You won’t be lonely And this is my promise to you My love is everlasting You can count on me To be there always

Let’s always be grateful and forever thankful for God’s everlasting love, our faith, our family, and our friends. Be thankful for our foes also, as they make us stronger. On our continuous journey to ‘better’, let’s focus on how absolutely absolute His mercy covers us, even as these faithfully flawed beings. How long is this coverage? Infinite! Always!    F-o-r-e-v-e-r! To God be the glory!!

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.    ~ Psalm 136:1

Check out “Forever” in Music’s Manna here:

Peace & Blessings, Lisa B

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