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All I Need

Returning from a recent trip to Tennessee, while walking toward Baggage Claim, I receive a notification that my luggage had been delayed. Immediately, I became frustrated because with everything else that had gone on with traveling on a holiday weekend, I had no mental energy to deal with the unexpected...

As I stood in the Baggage Claim area, I took a long deep breath, then started my walk to the airline's customer service office. Standing in complete idleness for several minutes with absolutely no other customers in line was truly testing my patience! Although in unfathomable frustration, I finally discuss the logistics of what it was going to take to get my luggage. Well, my one suitcase was coming in on the next flight from Charlotte. Next flight?!? Are you kidding me?!? What time?!? I had been up since 2:50 a.m. for a 5'ish a.m. flight, stood in the longest lines ever to simply check a bag and to be screened through Security. I was NOT in the mood for a wait of any sort at any airport! Smh.

Settling my anxieties, it appears that things were working out. Best case scenario, I would have my luggage within 24 hours, and it could be delivered to my house for free. As my niece says, I was in a "Bless it, Lord" mindset at that point. 😊 I walked away thanking God for working it out; for always working things out. Heading to my curbside, I had a "dropped in my spirit" moment. I began to think about what we truly have, and oftentimes, take for granted. I was quickly reminded that in God, we have everything that we need! Yet, life serves up a huge helping of anxiety due to wants daily....

Processing it all,  what was so quickly deemed as a fiasco, was just a hurdle. I had completely over reacted. Smh. I realized that even with no luggage, no go-to toiletries, no favorite earrings or specific clothes, etc., there were backup items at the house. I certainly didn't have all that I wanted, out of convenience of self, but praise be to God, I had everything that I truly needed, at that moment, for the next 24 hours, and possibly longer. I could certainly get by---once at home, right? Well, God is "home", so I forever have everything that I truly need because He lives in me. I simply have to embrace and nurture that ultimate blessing, being His child, to feel that "home" that exists every moment of each day. It gives me All I Need ---in Him, and VIP access to Him at all times---no exceptions.

Question is, what do you really need today? When we get "rattled" about "stuff", and the lack thereof, including people and relationships, taking a moment of gratitude soothes the soul. And, putting a TCV cherry on top of that soul cake that now has sweeter icing, I later heard a song by one of my favorite gospel artists, Jason Nelson. The song is titled, All I Need. Enough said!

TCV doesn't own rights to this music*

Peace and Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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