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Amends Mean Amen!

Amends. Google defines this often underrated and uncommon practice as, “compensate or make up for a wrongdoing.” Taking it on a ‘vine’ ride, my spirit found landing space here… Accept that I have been the culprit of ‘wrong’ Make a concerted effort to apologize, offering the truth about my actions—not in an attempt to devastate, but with a purpose to heal Empty my soul in search of forgiveness; in clearing the air; in finding inner peace Nestle myself in a mode of continued emotional, mental, and spiritual cleansing Delight in the fact that I have sought God first, and only then am I able to operate in His will to bring clarity to the situation Sow new seeds of maturity in the practice of self-reflection—in attempts to do what’s right, to protect the hearts of those I love, in being accountable for my actions, accepting that God has always known that I’m not perfect, but does expect better, as I grow older and prayerfully, much wiser.

We all walk imperfectly on this imperfect earth. We knowingly make decisions, at times, that we are fully aware aren’t pleasing to God. As we do so, we should remember that He never functions in a state of absentia…He is always there, watching and waiting for us to show Him that no matter how far we stray, we find our way back to who He is! When we make amends, we are showing Him just that.

Of course, God’s grace provides us with a direct line to repentance and forgiveness. However, the personal approach, person-to-person, is oftentimes helpful in the healing process. A conversation could be the thing that is needed—not in every situation, but certainly helpful in some. It would simply start with and/or include the heartfelt words, “I’m sorry.”

If you’re like me, you just might be in need of a roadmap, as we may not know which way to turn or how to steer this ship. If so, seek God for direction, then walk confidently in obedience. Making amends is not that easy, therefore, we need spiritual guidance to approach it the right way; the Godly way.

Father God, I know who you are. I’m thankful for all that You are, and for what You have always been to my flawed, yet undeserving favored soul. I’m grateful for your extended hand of conscious and everything in me that seeks to do good. I don’t always get it right. My thoughts and my actions are oftentimes clouded, but there is something that I know for sure, and it gives me the discipline to get back on track —You are the source of my strength! Because of that, I can do all things—I can even say, “You know what? I’m sorry.” Amen.

Peace and Blessings, Lisa B

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