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The very first time that I heard my pastor, James D. Gailliard of Word Tabernacle Church, make a statement about how we underestimate and take for granted God’s gift of choice, my thoughts were entrenched with his words for the remainder of the day. He was so right! It made total sense! From that day forward, the echo of the word “choice” reverberated like clanging cymbals in my ear. Those profound words had marinated in my spirit and saturated my mind!

It’s kind of simple…..”choice” means that some form of action has to occur. God gives us the gift so freely, but we have to be willing to make a decision to do that something! Doing nothing is not an option, if you are seeking God for answers, have a dream to fulfill or are in search of living a purpose-driven life, but don’t know where to start. You have to start somewhere! You must choose!

Seeking God in all things…. If you know that you’ve received guidance from the Supreme Being and you’re comfortable that you’ve heard the voice of God, don’t waiver, don’t be afraid…..CHOOSE! Once the choice is made, walk in faith knowing that God will make the path clear. Doesn’t mean that there won’t be stumbling blocks, but those blocks won’t stop you. They are just temporary stones, rough patches that will make you appreciate the journey more, once you’re there. You will find that place of peace and there will be a pivotal moment when you know that you are walking in GRACE!

You see, “The Cherry Vine” followers, I made a choice to venture out with this blog. These words would not be flowing from my heart to computer keys had I not done so. Choosing allowed me to see some good things, some different things. I experienced the love and support of key players in my life, but most importantly, I felt the hand of God guiding me. I felt that He was proud that I had chosen purpose over fear.

As I have been extremely blessed each day from the inception of “The Cherry Vine”, it is important that you also find comfort in making a choice. Therefore, I will share with you the charge that I poured into the hearts and minds of those who celebrated with me on April 24, 2016. I will ask you, as I asked them, please take these words with you and let them marinate in your mind and your spirit, seeping deep into the core of your beautiful soul!

Family and friends, I charge you to Exercise Choice

C – Choose wisely, only after H -Hearing the voice of God. Be O – Obedient to his word and follow the I – Instructions that He has given. Be ready to C– Carve out the change that may be required to follow this new path and His favor will be E – Ever present as you walk in His purpose for your life!

So many of you have touched my life in some way, and I am forever grateful for your friendship, kinship, Godly words and prayers, spoken and unspoken. You are all necessary, therefore I choose to keep you in this Cherry girl’s heart. Love you from the deepest entity of my being—the core of my Cherry soul!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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