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Clarity. What does it mean? Seems to me, just by the everyday context of using the word in conversation, it means to be clear about something, removing doubt, eliminating the possibility of misunderstanding. Instantaneous thoughts render that it’s ‘clearly’ analogous to removing the muddiness; lifting the fog; cleaning the smears from the window; dusting the table; dousing lens cleaner on a contact– all in an effort to gain a clear view or to see something better. Clarity. How clear are we? Do we embark on a journey of taking the path of least resistance, leaving things unclear, unresolved or lacking the possibility of closure? Sometimes it’s inadvertent, but is that an exception? Is it fair to everyone involved? Could it be a ‘toy store’ of playing with our emotions, our feelings? Is there thought given to the residual impacts of not providing a level of clarity? The effect may not result in a quick Polaroid snapshot, but it could easily be the catalyst to the cinematography of misguided actions, simply because no one thought about the importance of the ”C” word, clarity. Clarity. How have I failed the test? Well, it’s more like how many times have I failed? The answer is, too many times. Although some of my closest friends say that I’m extremely inquisitive, it’s normally in an attempt to gain clarity. I can also be overly expressive when trying to gain solid assurance that a person truly gets what I’m trying to convey. Even with all of that, I, at times, selectively flunk the text. Did that recently when asked, “Have I done something to you?” I casually brushed it off, using a day of stress as an exit door…wasn’t in the mood to “go there.” Acknowledging the person’s right to be given clarity and appreciating the momentary privilege to do so, I should have responded differently—A missed opportunity to be clear; a missed opportunity to release stored up emotions; a missed section on the Clarity test! Clarity. What does it provide? Why is it so vital to our being and to folk we’ve allowed occupancy in our precious space? It provides fairness, peace-of-mind and settles our spirit. Once the fog is lifted or when the windshield is unobstructed from the rain, there is a clear view of the ‘why’, of formulated expectations, of expressed thoughts, and of decisions that lead to appropriate actions or responses, based on nothing but the purity of truth! This is only deliverable through the beautiful provision of clarity! That’s a hefty serving of peace, as misunderstanding, frustration, speculation, and assumption are no longer on the table. No crumbs of ‘game’, no blurred lines–It’s clear now! Clarity. Is the value of it clearer? Is it a little more profound than before reading this post? It is for me! As alluded to previously, I pride myself in making sure that folk are clear, and almost to a point of aggravation to some, however, today I am owning failed attempts to provide what I want others to give me…A gift of love and respect, wrapped up in CLARITY. It’s all in an honest and open conversation. It’s reciprocity at a grown and very attractive level! 🙂 Clarity. It’s clear that I’m learning and growing a little more each day! Thank the Lord! It’s clear that I need to clarify questionable situations, relationships and minor cliffhangers that have found landing space in this precious, unpredictable life. I also realize that although clarity is critical and crucial, it can be a producer of pain. If it does, hopefully, the outcome is one that is shared via one of my favorite lines from the movie, Diary of a Mad Black Women, “But I do know I can love you past your pain.”

Be clear on God’s direction in all things. 🙏🏿🙌🏿

Peace and Blessings, Lisa B

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