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Choose Love, Not Hate

Do we recognize Hate for what it really is? Do we only fully pay attention when the existence of this foul emotion wreaks havoc and results in mass shootings or killings? Hate starts as a tiny seedling, but grows into a full-blown toxic and lethal substance of ugly, sad, hurtful, mean-spirited, demeaning and unfounded prejudices. Rarely does it deviate from the poison that lives in the souls, minds and hearts of some people who walk amongst us every day, carrying it either like hidden artillery or a well displayed medal of honor.

Why is it that folk dislike (yes…starts right here) people who are different from them? Why does my skin color have to be like yours to be accepted by you? Why does my choice of religious practice have to be like yours in order for you to at least respect my right to choose? Why does my sexual orientation or sexual practice determine if you consider me fit to be walking on this earth? Why does the car that I drive, the house I live in or my selected profession cause you to have distaste in my socioeconomic status? Why do you dislike anything about me, when you really don’t even know me, my story or my destiny? Why, why, why do we have to experience the sadness and hurt associated with pure and simple Satan inspired ignorance? We had better start recognizing it for what it is–in its infancy before it grows into a monster that destroys and kills!!

Let’s be reminded that hate doesn’t always result in a physical attack. It can result in a well thought out, strategically orchestrated emotional attack. It attacks our minds to a place of anger that is heightened beyond what most can even describe. To those who minimize the impact of its existence in small town America, here’s a story that I just heard this afternoon, first-hand, from a recent victim: A young man, minding his business, taking a leisurely, completely innocent ride on his bike is verbally attacked–called repeatedly one of the most racially derogatory terms in the world and was essentially stalked on the highway until the perpetrators decided to retreat. This upstanding, well-mannered young man, husband and father was so angered by the aggression of hate that he wanted vengeance, so he later searched for the perpetrators in an effort to release the anger. Thank God that he didn’t find them, but certainly we can see how he arrived at this boiling point. So unnecessary and tragic that someone disliking him, someone hating him because of the race that was chosen for him by The Creator, was the root cause of this incident. What a display of a cold heart? What a display of sheer learned ignorance? His passion and obvious residual anger, actually angered me! –Angered me to the point that I had to release also, but thankfully I’ve chosen expression as my weapon.

As I, and countless others, could talk about or write for days upon days about this issue, especially given that every day, there is some incident or incidents of hate that we are made aware of by media outlets– whether the local or national news, newspapers, social media or through personal conversation, like I experienced today. It is way past time that we begin to “check” ourselves! It’s time to take our sour tasting unhealthy differences, our displaced dislikes, our denial of discrimination and discriminatory practices and our horrible habits of hate to the ultimate doctor–The Divine One! Healing starts with learning to love. Healing starts with acceptance. Healing starts with the willingness to change our rotten ways.  Healing starts and ends with believing that we are ALL children of the Most High God! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US—no exceptions!!!

Pray with me for the victims and their families of the Orlando massacre. Pray for love. Pray for forgiveness. Pray for healing. Pray that hate takes its rightful place in the pit of hell, the residence of its owner, Satan–the epitome of hate and everything it represents!!

Peace & Blessings & LOVE,

Lisa B

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