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Do you really know who you’re connected to and why? Do you understand the overall dynamics and the importance of these so-called connections? Is it a Godly reason or is it Satan playing one of his Olympic gold games of Russian roulette? We need to take time to analyze and explore, as these connections can be the missing links to paradise or a rusty, weak chain that breaks and leaves you broken and busted, living in Dodge City, without a horse to ride out on. 🙂

Connections lend to linking two or more things together. These things, typically, create either a temporary or permanent hold; a bond. They lead to something. There is a purpose for the connection. Each link has its own value or worth. One link is accountable to the other, and they need each other to keep the connection intact. If the link breaks, the connection sometimes becomes null and void, as there could be permanent damage or a fix that takes few minutes, maybe hours to repair or a possible lifetime to correct…to reconnect the links, to restructure the bond, to reassess the purpose, to formulate an entire new strategy or to engineer a new design that culminates the beauty and power of the desired, resulting connections.

How do we fit into the connectedness of connections? Over the past few days, I’ve been privy to making some new connections or the possibilities of some, both personal and professional. The blessing of some pretty resourceful people who care enough to connect me with the right folk–good, well-intentioned people, folk who have a desire to propel me forward, those persons who can assert added-value in my life, is tremendous! Connections are important! Pay attention to the new connectors, who can become like Lego building blocks, leading you to an ultimate Purpose, not unfulfilled passion, unnecessary pain, and emotional pollution that poisons your soul. As we grow older and mature–mentally, emotionally and spiritually, deciding to connect or not, or even to reconnect, shouldn’t be a reckless decision. It should be well thought out, and yes, severely analyzed, but above all prayed about!

Seek God in all things. His connections are the ones that we want linking us to His Will for our lives. If a link is a little rusty and weak, as previously mentioned, and God is not leading you to clean it off, strengthen the hold and refurbish it for continued use, by all means, let it go!! Drop that damaged connecting link! Letting go positions you to access the Mother Link, much like the Mother Vine… It will be the strong foundation of good fruits to come. Stay linked in Faith; Stay linked in Love; Stay linked in the connectors and the connections that lead you from the dirt road to a new road that God has already paved for you. Link up in a Godly fashion in order to discover the true reason for connection; the purpose for each link in your chain. Use that information to find the right path, and when you’ve found it, make an effort every day to stay on it, traveling straight ahead, trusting in The One Who Loves Us Most for the remainder of the journey.

Also, we certainly can’t forget those most important connections that allow us to pour into the lives of others!!!  “Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.”  ~ Philippians 2:4 (NKJV)

Peace & Blessings, Lisa B

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