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Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy, It’s a cloudy June 9th Sunday. Sadly, I am reminded that 6 years ago today, also on a June 9th Sunday morning, I woke and within an hour or so I found out that God had taken you. Although sadness, reflective moments, and the eeriness of this morning are all present, I know that you are with God. That soothes my heart; that settles my spirit.

You know that nothing has been the same since you left, right? You certainly left business-related things in order, but there are so many other fragmented pieces. We try to manage them all, however, we often fail. The truth of the matter is, no one does anything quite like you and we miss that. We miss how you held us together with the strength and dignity of manhood and loyalty to family. Although my heart pains today, I know that part of the pain is rooted in selfishnes— I miss you so bad! I want you here! I need you here!  Like, I didn’t even know that my car had hail damage until someone told me a week later, and I’ve been driving it pretty much every day…Smh. If you were here, you would’ve told me, saying, “The hood of your car got dents all over it from hail damage, it looks like. You didn’t know that? Well, you should’ve seen that, Lisa…”, shaking your head.  Thankfully, someone noticed and took care of that in your absence, and I know you’re glad. A simple gesture, but for you, the beauty of it was your family being looked after.

Sunday mornings in June, leading up to this one and on Fathers’ Day, are never easy, and especially this one, June 9, 2019. Yes, it’s gonna take the whole day to completely get through this somber spirit, but I promise you that I’ll get it together. I know you want that. I promise that I will try not to live in this selfishness of wanting you here with me and us, to make everything better for us, to fix our dysfunction, to hear you say, “It’s alright though. Don’t worry about that.” I will be reminded that you are with The Great One who made heaven and earth. I will be reminded to let this day be sprinkled with the trimmings of the love you gave so seamlessly to your baby girl and this family. God is still so incredible and good, so I’m gonna get up, get dressed and handle this cloudy and rainy day! I will be thinking of you and your “Easy Like Sunday Morning” swagger. Just wanted to share my heart with you, through this platform. It’s therapy for me, it might help someone else, and I want everyone to get yet another glimpse of what you mean to me and this family.

Love you until the end of time, Lisa, aka your Snapjack

Peace & Blessings, Lisa B

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