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Seems like I’ve blogged about this before, but nevertheless, here’s the current state of my heart, mind and spirit…..

Can you define a definition? Without researching, universally, we all know that it’s simply what something means.

Equating that to everyday life and life’s circumstances, how does it correlate to who we are? What do we allow to define us?? Not only how people see us, but also what is God’s view of us?

We get so caught up!!!! We become victims of what we allow to define us. Whether it be an addiction, and that covers a wide range of things— a lot of somethings and yes, a lot of someones. Hmmmm…..Let’s journey through a few things that sometime knowingly or unknowingly DEFINE or portray who we are… Money, social status, material things, our career, the need to feel important or to be in a position of authority, where we worship, organizations, including Greek, social, non-profits or others, a man or woman, i.e., our need to be in a or any relationship, no matter how unfulfilled or dysfunctional it is, our children, how we dress, our physique or physical appearance, an illness (seems today that I’ve given it too much power), and a host of other things. I’m sure we all could add something to the list! Defining characteristics. Defining molds of people. Defining skeletal compositions that become the full-body makeup of the artwork on display for the world to see.

We need to wake up and pay attention to definitions. We need to self-assess what is or has become that thing(s) or person(s) that we are allowing to define us. We are so much more than any of that. We are first, children of God. We are first, the heart of God. We are first, His creation! So, although we live good and busy lives, when we take a moment to reflect on the true blessings of this life, that is what we need to remember…Who we really are. We are NOT defined by those things that mean nothing at the end of every day. We ARE defined by knowing who God is, by being in relationship with Him, by the love that we extend to others, by the care and concern we have when someone is in physical, emotional or spiritual lack and need you, by having a heart for those who are less fortunate, by sacrifice of self…

Sharing a moment when a true friend, once again put his defining self on display….When sharing a medical diagnosis, although not terminal or extremely serious, as compared with all the diagnoses that we hear about today, this was his response, “Let not your heart be troubled. It’s the will of God that you be healed in Jesus the Christ Name. So let it Be!!! I’m going to fast for your healing. I will start Monday.” See, that’s a defining moment of my friend’s character, his love and faith in God, his selfless and sacrificial spirit, his genuine love for me. I tell you, through the tears that I shed when I read his message, I thought to myself, it doesn’t get too much better than that!

Definitions! Defining us! Definitive portraits!  Know what defines YOU! Make the necessary adjustments, even if challenging, even if it hurts, to be content, to be proud of the definition that accompanies your name in the Dictionary of Life. We should all be a work in progress, on a quest every day to be more of what and who God wants us to be!

On this Saturday morning, I’m giving much thought to what I have allowed and what I am allowing to define me. Wow…..Definitions! As my prayer warrior at work just shared, “And by whose definition am I defined by? I give more credit to my maker than any outer circle of opinion.”  What a great thought to carry? What a good word to saturate our minds; to give thought to restructuring our definition?

To my daughter, KB, who stands by her mom relentlessly, to my niece, J, who has sacrificed her time to be of assistance, to my sweet mother, who is 85 years old with a broken wrist, and saddened that she can’t physically help–to do something for me, to my sister, who is a staple in my life, and to other family and friends who have been offering help and praying for me, Thank You! Thank you for loving me. Thank you for keeping me ‘prayed up’.  Thank you for lifting me up. Most of all, thank you for keeping my eyes looking up to the One who is The Healer! I’ve decided not to let this pain Define me!!! To God Be The Glory! Thank You Lord! All is well!

Peace & Blessings, Lisa B

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