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Direct Access

On this beautiful Wonderful Wednesday morning, I decided to put procrastination in check, and take a morning walk. It is way past time to take better care of this temple that God has given me. It's way past time to halt excuses, and be more intentional about health--working off the extra pounds brought on by grief, pandemic anxieties, just "stuff", and by being so It's a process!

As I walk out of the door on this hot morning, I look up and take in the beauty of the sun, and the surrounding sky. This is not unusual, as many of you know that I'm an admirer of sky art---God's canvas. This particular look reveals what appears to be direct lines leading to the sun. I'm sure I've seen something like this many times before, however, today this dropped in my spirit....We all have access to The Son...

Much like the morning view of the sun today, the lines are already installed and in place for everyday absorption; everyday use. Encirculing the sun, there are clouds---singular, collected, a series of broken ones, and some seeming to have a consistent artistic abstract flow. Yet, as a backdrop, there is also the serene imagery of a beautiful blue sky. In the midst of those combinations, the sun is shining brightly. The lines leading to it are still visible. The sun is still accessible in its natural way, while The Son is always accessible in His loving, and divine way.

So, as we go about our day, let's take advantage of the direct access lines that we have through faith and grace to The Son. Walk in favor and love for The One who makes intimate accessibility easy and infinite. Choose to connect to Him. What a blessing it is to have that access!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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