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Drop It!

As New Year 2018 was approaching, getting ready for a game watch day party with family and friends on New Year’s Eve, the word ‘drop’ took on a varied angle, with somewhat of a 90° turn. It was clearly one of those ‘where is this coming from’ moments, no doubt. I mean, it’s morning time, and the hip-hop song titled, “Drop It Like It’s Hot” is spinning out of nowhere in my brain. What’s the message? What am I supposed to write about this song to inspire anything other than a visual of Snoop Dogg smoothly shuffling his feet, and in amazingly cool fashion like no one does quite like him, swaying his tall slim body in an attempt to do what else other than to motivate fans to ‘drop it like it’s hot?’ Sometimes, my thoughts start out like a complex crossword puzzle or maybe even has symmetry to a scavenger hunt, however something begins to register, and those infamous dots start to connect…

Well, it is New Year’s Eve, and a few ‘drops’ happen around the country, maybe even around the world, right? There’s the famous Ball Drop in New York City, the Acorn Drop in Raleigh, NC and I believe a Pickle Drop in Mt. Olive, NC–could be more, however these are pinging the mind. I’m also thinking of how I obviously ‘dropped the ball’ with last-minute invites and planning for the day’s event. It’s re-registering in my head about my self-proclaimed sometimes procrastinating spirit that I’ve shared about on previous blog posts. In that mental space, I’m reminded again that I need to work on improving this character flaw, but guess what?? …. Maybe I need to just drop it! Maybe I need to stop being okay in accepting being a procrastinator, and yes, stop procrastinating about dealing with my procrastination! Hmmm…Why can’t I “drop it like it’s hot?” What I really need to do is throw it down, figuratively speaking, walk away and leave it in anticipation of being/doing better…

My spirit won’t let go of this ‘drop’ thing, so it seems like further analytics are necessary to roll this message out. Like a GPS repeating, “Recalculating, recalculating…”, so is my impression of dropping it, other than the intent of the song. What kind of things should be dropped early in 2018 maybe? How about anything that doesn’t bring about growth and peace or isn’t in line with our found purpose or finding our purpose? If something or someone truly isn’t working for us, serving no value or the potential to add value, don’t continue to function in the drama; don’t pretend that it’s really okay; don’t let it continue to soil your spirit; don’t act like we don’t know that it’s damaging and hot….Drop it! We have to stop holding on to it like its temperature is just lukewarm, and drop that thing like it’s a hot piece of iron that has landed in our hand! Chances are, if that happens, we throw it down as soon as the heat hits! We don’t wait to see if it burns more or wait for it to inflict more pain. It’s gonna be thrown down with a vengeance, and with a determined force, protecting ourselves from the hurt/pain. Likewise, we have to function in protective mode—protecting or mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Anything that jeopardizes any of this needs to be dropped. As the old saying goes, “Don’t play with fire unless you want to get burned.” Well, we are playing with fire, if we continue to hold on to those things that burn a gaping hole in us. By the same token, if you know someone or something is about to drop that hot iron in your hand, you’re going to deflect it, and make sure there isn’t even a slight chance to get burned!

Lots of reflections and valuable lessons this past year, and lots of ideas, dreams, plans and expectations for 2018. I’m looking forward to “overflow” in every way in the name of Jesus. I’m looking forward to a season of continued grace and favor. I’m looking forward to continued life lessons that are served up by just living this life, however are a part of my growth in faith, my relationship with God, my desire to love, and to follow the path and purpose that God as predestined just for me. I’m looking forward to “drop it like it’s hot”, anything that gets in the way of the journey! I’m not compromising any of that! It will land in the dropzone! Why? Because, I got joy, and I’m keeping it!

Peace and Blessings,

Lisa B

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