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Father’s Day Prayer

As I lay awake this morning, thinking fondly of my dad, making yet another collage of memories, I decided that what I needed most today was prayer. Watching Joel Osteen got my spirit in a good steering motion, so I got up quickly and started to get ready for church. It was during that process that it was evident that my spirit was now saying something different. The reverberating thoughts of not being able to celebrate with my dad, as so many were doing today, and had been doing all weekend, was becoming a sinking feeling. My mind went back to what God gave me earlier…I needed prayer time!!

So, as I am fully aware that I am not alone in my emotions today, although honestly, it feels like it sometimes, I know that my prayer to God will be a needed word for others also. I asked My Father to help me to ‘craft’ a word that would be pleasing to Him and one that would also be settled warmth for the hearts and souls of those who are experiencing this Father’s Day without their dad. It’s not ‘book-ready’, but it certainly is my uncensored heart to God’s ears.  Hope it blesses you.  Here goes…

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for this day. I thank you for allowing this Sunday for us, your children, to enjoy. Thank you for giving us yet another day to be fully cognizant of who You are–for yet another opportunity to worship you and give you praise.  Thank you for your grace, your mercy, and the blessing of Father’s Day! Lord, it is not a normal Father’s Day for many of us,  but we are fondly remembering Father’s Days past.  You have allowed us to have spent this celebrated day with our dads a year ago, or maybe even years ago, and for that, we are all grateful.

Dear God, I ask that you shower your beautiful blessings upon all of this day. For those who are blessed to spend time with the person that seeded their being, give them joy and gratitude for the blessing. Lord, help them to honor you, in doing so. Give them all the blossoms of love and laughter, in your name. God, and for those of us whose hearts are still heavy, give us peace and understanding of your will. Yes, these men who have left us on this earth were indeed either our biological fathers or those who filled in the gap. Some loved us just like a father does or in some cases, more than their biological fathers have. Help us to know in our hearts that no matter how deeply we love them, you love them more. They are our fathers, but they are your children. We carry them in our hearts, Dear God, but they belong to you. You make absolutely no mistakes, so their move from this earth was not by accident. You know best!!

God, I pray that you heal our wounded hearts today. I pray that you give us the fond memories of having wonderful men in our lives. I pray that as we go through this day, we find smiles because we have so much to be thankful for. I pray that your guiding hands lead us through every moment of this Sunday. I pray for your delivery of peace of mind and spirit that no one else can even possibly deliver.

As I close, I thank you, yet again, and I always will, for the blessing of Evander Norvell Cherry. I’m forever grateful and humbled by the gift that you gave me— to enjoy, to love, to watch, to listen to, to learn from… whether it was to change a tire, drive a tractor, to pass tobacco sticks, to chop peanuts, to be fair, to be a woman of integrity, to not be so judgmental, to be kind, to take care of business, to honor your parents, and  most of all, one who made sure that I knew what it meant to love and honor you. Thank you for assigning my daddy to mold my life.

Lord, I give you all of the glory, the honor and the praise on this Father’s Day Sunday, and always. In the name of Jesus, Amen. Thank you, Lord!

This Cherry girl is going to be okay! Why? Because I know who my Father, The Most High, is, and because of that, I know my daddy is A-Ok! He is resting sweetly in peace—“Easy Like  Sunday Morning!”

Peace and Blessings,

Lisa B

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