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Fizzled Fireworks

For mature audiences only:

On a growth journey, we might just begin to realize that the epicenter of physical intimacy does not repair. That would be the 3-letter word that tends to have too much rule over our cravings in this society, s-e-x. It is intended to be a beautiful display of love and affection, but it's not some magic wand. It is not an eraser of hurt or a serving of forget or forgive. News flash---The handy-dandy ole toolbox of make-up sex is not a magical fixer. It certainly may open the door to restoration, render temporary emotional relief, spark realignment, and certainly serves up some tension release...hello! But, if the act is performed covertly or blatantly with the intention to repair relational bruises or broken pieces, it's going to be a flop (no pun intended). 😬 Typically, it tends to recycle recreationally back to a problem that is not yet resolved. Lasting repair starts with communication with comprehension, reciprocal focus on wants, needs, and expectations, respecting each other, and praying your way through! If it's just a "lay," we never truly get up. We, sporadically, wallow in the same ole problem that put us on our back or otherwise 🤷🏽‍♀️ in the first place. Choose wisely. Choose prayerfully.

And since this is the holiday week of fireworks, just like the sparklers that are lit in celebration, the hoopla eventually fizzles also...🧨🎉☄️Keep it truly lit with love, and the results are beautiful in every way and non-extinguishable. Whew! The things that I've learned beyond 50...

Side note, as per my hubby, the "A Man Who Prays" author:

Is there always a negative connotation regarding make-up sex? We assume the negative, while it could be a positive result/outcome of a situation.

Hmmm, he has a point. Thoughts?

"The Drip" of Coffee Thoughts ☕️

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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