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2022 Freedom Balloon Release ~ Celebrating Sisters, Family, Friends and Love

~Repost, The Story-Year 1

When I walked into my mama’s hospital room on Sunday afternoon, June 21, 2020, I inhaled fear deeply, then exhaled in a space of, “Lord, please help me. Please!” Here’s why…

After talking to my cousin Marvin, while still in the parking lot of Vidant Hospital in Greenville, I had to decide whether to or how to tell Mama, given her condition, that her sister, Gladys (Aunt Baby Sis) had passed. I mean, I had just parked, so excited to see my mommy when the call came. The news hit me like a hurricane! I was so overwhelmed that I decided to leave to gather myself. I prayed and prayed as I exited the parking lot, riding around the hospital area in shock, in disbelief, hurting, grieving and in a sheer state of flux! I didn’t know what else to do at the moment. I was mentally and emotionally lost!!!

Circling back to the hospital, I parked, then walked in the building, still wondering what to do; how to do and what the repercussion of it all would be. I walked and prayed; prayed and walked. I entered Mama’s room with no solution, however, I knew I had asked God to help me, and that He did…

Walking in the room, I greeted her, as usual. I said, “Hey Mama! How you doing?” She was like, “Alright. Who’s dead?” Confused, I asked, “Why? Who do you think is dead, Ma?” She said with so much certainty, “Ba Sis.” In shock, but trying not to appear so, I responded, “How do you know that? Have you talked to anybody?” She responded, “No, I felt it this morning.” I confirmed that Aunt Baby Sis (Ba Sis) had passed. She stared in space, shook her head, and the tears started to roll. When the nurse came in, I told her that Mama’s sister had passed, and that I had just told her. The nurse was confused for just a minute, but it quickly settled in her spirit that maybe somehow Mama must have known, because she had been talking about it and crying since that morning. I had chills then, and I have chills now, as my mind and heart revisit that day; that story; that display of a sister bond(that doesn’t always exist); the evidence of connected spirits….

My takeaway from that experience is God heard my prayers! He handled it for me. I didn’t have to tell my mom…She already knew. He gave Mama a preview before confirmation, maybe to soften the horrible blow. It was a reminder that God not only connects us genetically, but also divinely connects us heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, and spirit-to-spirit. It was another beautiful awe-amazing reflection of God’s mercy and His grace.

~Year 2

Sunday, June 19, 2022 is Juneteeth, Father's Day, but it is also Mama’s 91st birthday. She celebrated her 89th (in the hospital), just two days before her sister, Gladys (Ba Sis), journeyed to Heaven. In celebration of their love, their bond; their connected spirits; their sisterhood, I invite you to join me in the 2nd Annual Freedom Balloon Release on June 19, 2022 at 6 p.m. (or anytime you choose). I plan to release purple balloons, symbolic of Dementia Awareness for Mama, two red balloons, symbolizing the love of the two sisters, blue ones for my dad, and a few more for some super special people who have impacted my life in a sweet, beautiful, and memorable way. Your balloon release can be in memory of whomever you want to release in freedom and celebrate on this Juneteeth holiday. No special location, no special time of the day, but done in memory of the special bond that you have for loved ones who are no longer here.

Please share this post with family and friends who may want to participate. Feel free to share pictures on social media platforms with a hashtag, #freedomballonrelease#tcv. Our family did an awesome job last year. It was a spiritual experience for us, whether in NC, TN, VA, MD, NJ, etc. Let's make it memorable again this year!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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