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The Ease of E's

Oftentimes, God drops a nugget, and it's a single letter. Most frequently they have been R (most popular), P, S, F, etc. Early on this particular day, the letter was an "E"....

This purpose journey, basically, all started because of an E....Evander, my dad. His passing in 2013 was the unintentional catalyst for stepping into this writing thing. Speaking from remnants of a broken heart, my writings were no longer only associated with words composed for an informal Event. They were linked to more intense passion. It was an Evolving Cherry soul, from which feelings-to-words were Emitting from my heart. Knowing that nothing would Ever Erase the pain, Expressing myself served as an Escape; a release to Ease my rollercoaster Emotions.

From there, the journey began with these purposeful E's as the platform for The Cherry Vine ~ An Inspirational Blog: Energizing, Educating, Empowering. Although now becoming Emersed in purpose, there was an Evolution from Expression to clouded Expectation. Getting somewhat 'lost in the sauce', I began to Expect things from people. Reflecting on the path to here, I Expected certain folk to support me in my Efforts, not by purchasing items, but at least an Encouraging word. I Expected some not to, and ironically, so many of them did. I wanted people to be proud of my journey of affecting and Effecting purpose. In some misguded moments, the resulting short-lived Emptiness was real. It was Evident that I had to quickly get back to Espousing my thoughts and function in "good", regardless...

It took a proverbial 'minute' to realign and recover from those Expectations. With intentionality and God's guidance, I decided to continue working on what God had set up for me---at conception, linked so beautifully to words of Psalm 139. I had to continue to Edify Him, seek Him, and trust in Him. In that, I needed to Escape all that 'sauce' by not getting caught up in the negative Energy. I simply had to focus on Expressing myself, as God gave me nuggets to Expound on. I couldn't Entertain the pessimism, the ill-fated criticism, the judgement, or any seeming unjust indifference. Here's why...This journey Emerged from surrender; my seeking God for direction; by telling Him on a Monday morning in route to work to use me...whatever that meant. Anything that, or anyone who, serves to Erect a wall or Even a stumbling block to that, doesn't have place or space on this journey. As for my sordid, maybe Even unfair, Expectations of people? Well, at the End of Each day, Everyone, who is supposed to be a part of this vine'age, will land here.

I am so grateful for the Encouragers---those who selflessly take time to share words that powerfully refuel a desire to inspire and Empower others, all while working on my flawed self! Those who realize that my Enough has Everything to do with my faith in God, my intimate relationship with Him, and my obedience in living a life of purpose, although imperfectly. These beautiful souls Elevate my spirit to a warm place that I can't justly describe. They are fully aware that this is not about glossy words---it's about Empowering people to grow. It's about inspiring people to Empower others.

Thank Each of you for taking precious time out of your day or Evening to read my thoughts. I am forever grateful that you chose to Excercise openness and Expand your soulful imagination in some way---allowing your heart, mind, and spirit to give The Cherry Vine an Effortless try. I am so Elated to have your Eyes of love and support. Thanks for your listening Ear. ❤

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. ~ 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

God, I thank you today, and Every day for the Experiences of this life. I pray that you Elevate this platform, so that it continues to reach the people and places that You have in divine alignment to receive it. Amen.

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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