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Growth Is High-Rise

Like a high-rise building that takes years to construct, some of us put in a lot of hard work, heart work, prayer, focus, and, sacrifice to get to a place of intentional spiritual growth. As commercial owners are meticulous about every inch of their newly constructed building-- being completed on-point, beautifully, well constructed, and safe---so should we, as it regards protecting our spiritual space; our personal spirit building. Our buildings are "high-rise", too. They are extremely valuable and worth our time, maintenance, and quality care. So, pay attention to emotional scams, joy drainers, spiritual squatters, and unqualified help. Letting someone invade our property of peaceful and determined growth may cause an implosion, much like one when a building is torn down or blown into ashes.

We must be intentional about protecting ourselves, all while continuing to trust God for the journey. We must pray for continued growth and Holy protection, in order to do the work that God divinely constructed and instructed for our lives. Yes...Protect yourself at all times. Armor up in defense! Hands raised in victory. No weapon! None! Z-e-r-o! We have a destination in mind, a home that we are preparing for...

But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ,

~Philippians 3:20

Some things are worth fighting for! 🙌🏾

"The Drip" of Coffee Thoughts

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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