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Happy 7th Anniversary!

As I searched for photos to create a video for the 7th anniversary of The Cherry Vine, I stumbled across this one and stopped. It summed it up, as I am so thankful for the little things!

When we pushed the button to make TCV "live" to the world on April 24, 2016, in Raleigh, NC, I had no idea that the journey would lead me here--- to beautiful souls with unwavering support, books, interview series, products, book signings, virtual book studies, and a host of people, including amazing family and friends, who have become collaborators in business. Little did I know that I'd be blessed with a life partner to support everything that this brain dreams up. To my a-m-a-z-i-n-g daughter, who has been my co-pilot from the beginning, this is our legacy---one that your grandparents are smiling upon in Heaven. To all of you, throughout this expansive world, THANK YOU! 🥰 I can't imagine this journey without you. At this moment, I'm hearing the lyrics of a song by Shirley Ceasar, "I wouldn't take nothing for my journey now." I thank God for it all---for everything, past and present, to prepare me for this now.

God, I love YOU, and I give you thanks. I want you to be pleased with the platform that You entrusted me with. Amen.

Peace, Love, and many Blessings, everyone! Happy 7-Year Anniversary to the little inspirational blog that could, The Cherry Vine!!!!! ❤️🍒❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

For the grace of God.... 🙌🏾

Lisa C-S

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Vinecia Bunch
Vinecia Bunch
Apr 24, 2023

Happy Anniversary, thank you for all the positive vibes and blessings to you and your family always! Love you dear high school classmate and friend.

Love, Vinecia Bunch😘

Apr 25, 2023
Replying to

Thanks so much! Blessed to have you cheering me on, encouraging me all along the way. Love you, cousin! ❤️

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