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Happy Mother's Day 2024! 💜

One of the phrases my Mama spoke quite a bit was, "Mark my words." Often it was to 'rubber stamp' something that seemed so farfetched, yet she firmly believed to be true. Sometimes, those words were spoken as a promise for pending punishment 😒, but were also about serious life matters that she was preparing us for...

In reflecting on the beauty of her love and guidance on this Mother's Day, I am finding that "mark my words" surfaced more heavily beyond her passing. As the thoughts swirl through my brain and stir in my heart, I am thinking of markers that get lost in the day-to-day happenings of just doing life; things that have little resonance until we're peering through that infamous rearview mirror...

If you are blessed to have your mom "in the land of the living," as they say, take not one moment for granted...You may not get another opportunity to say:

"Hey Mama"; "Good morning"; "What you got going on today?"; "What you cooking?"; "You doing okay?"; "Guess what happened today?", "Those neckbones and cornbread were off the chain!"; or simply, "Mama, I love you, and I appreciate all you do for me and our family."

When she's gone, mark my words, every day presents a flashback, big or small, of what was beautifully present for you to experience, but is no longer here. Mark my words, make the most of each moment that your mother is breathing on this earth. Mark my words, you will feel the last hug, replay the last day emotions, hear the last words, and will often rewind the tape to the last time that you had a blessed opportunity to do anything with her; for her. Mark my words, although you feel her spirit, and her guidance, her physical presence is infinitely better than not having her here. Mark my words, soak in the unconditional love, pay attention to her--the whole her, and appreciate the selfless devotion of your beautiful mother; your mom; your mama; your ma; your mommy. Mark my words, I am missing everything 'Betty Sue', today and each day that I am blessed to open my eyes--which are just like hers, by the way. ☺️

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers all around the world. You are so loved and so blessed to be one! Mark my words...

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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12. Mai
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There's nothing like a MOTHER'S LUV. Miss you Momma .

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I know you do... 🙏🏽❤️❤️‍🩹

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