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Hope Has New Shoes

The Dialogue ~ Guest Blogger: “After dropping off my guy on a Monday from an extremely tiresome ride from down south, I was waiting at the light in the city, when I witnessed a homeless man across the street. I noticed how he was struggling with all of his bags, etc., but for some reason, my eyes landed on his feet. This homeless man had on a pair of brand new shoes! However, this is the kicker (no pun intended)….. I know him from the past and his name is Hope. Lisa, This is a challenge for you. Work with that….”

Later that evening . . . “Lisa, This is what I’m going to do—-God allowed Hope to cross my path for a reason. I’m going to see what I can do to pour into his life. He’s a great humble guy—no drugs to my knowledge. Something I’m going to act on…” 2 days later . . .“You won’t believe this— I just ran into Hope again!! I was able to be a financial blessing to him, and he didn’t even ask for it. He’s a special person that God put in my path (for some reason). Lisa, I was literally walking out the door in my work building and he was right there! It kind of freaked me out for a moment. It was like God was saying, “Be a doer of your word.” You know, he always had that peaceful demeanor about him. He speaks very peaceful like everything is okay. I took him back to the eighties when I first met him, and he remembered. When I gave him the money, he said, “Oh, thanks”, but gave me a look like, “Thanks for being obedient.” Wow…You know?? You never know, this lesson may just be for me.” Lisa B: “Sounds like you’ve been delivered an assignment. God knows who he needs. You will learn something from being a blessing to him.”

The Summation-In Obedience to the Challenge ~ In submission to “Work with that…”, my thoughts immediately went to the heart of the guest blogger, who I know has a genuine passion to serve, to help, to be a philanthropist, to be a humanitarian, to love with his whole heart, a man with unbelievable compassion—all because he wants to be nothing more than a blessing to others. This story didn’t bring anything new to the table about the tremendous soul and spirit of this man. It was simply an affirmation of who he is in God, and undoubtedly, who God is in him.

About Hope…… It’s something about those new shoes he was wearing. There’s some correlation of a soul with new soles 😉 The shoes may be symbolic of his journey that will begin anew. The shoes may mean that he’s about to step into a new direction; a new path; a new and better life. The focus on the new shoes may have some irony in that an old soul (acquaintance) could possibly be the catalyst for that change—cultivating a rejuvenated or a revived soul. Although the connection was one of re-acquaintance, the true connector was God! He always knew that this particular day would take place. He knew that these two souls needed to run into each other on a day when the guest blogger’s physical energy was diminished due to travel, however his spiritual energy experienced a resurgence when his acute attentiveness and observance of people, coupled with his innate ability to discern the needs of others, took center stage! He recognized that he had a call. He recognized that he had to be obedient to the call. He didn’t hesitate, because he also recognized that obedience meant acting in the Will of God. He knew that being a blessing to Hope was all good, and it definitely was all God!

Now, no doubt, Hope is homeless. Doesn’t matter how he arrived at this destination, but he’s here—in a situation that renders him ‘Hope’less’ at times, I’m sure. How many times has the eyes of others met his, or witnessed him bustling bags, attempting to make his way down the street, with no regard for his plight? How many times might he have turned away, looked down, or even smiled through the pain and the disappointment of unfair judgement and no offer of help? On this particular day, Hope was offered up some hope! On this day, he was homeless, but not completely hopeless (as the song says, “…like a penny with a hole in it….”)

Reflecting on the thoughts of the guest blogger about this lesson possibly being for him, I agree. As strong as we all are, and as much as we take on the role of cross-bearers, we have our pitfall moments too. There are things that we may hope for that appear to be so far-fetched, that we lose faith in that God can do anything! We have to trust His Will and His timing, and recognize that our hope and God’s Will may not line up. When it does, it is a beautiful symmetry of Divine artwork being completed by Divine hands. It will be like getting a new pair of shoes that feel so good on our feet that we’re not focused on hoping for another pair. We will enjoy these for now, and walk in the path in which God is leading us—A path of Hope, Faith, Obedience and Love.

Hope Has New Shoes, new soles… Certainly not those handsomely clad blue-bottom ‘kicks’, but he just might be on his way to a new soul! Why? Because a beautiful soul decided to pour into a soul in need— a homeless man, who goes by the name of Hope.

There is nothing quite like the sweet, Godly soul and the selfless spirit of a good man (or woman)!

Peace and Blessings,

Lisa B

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