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How You Ridin’??

Hit me that a popular term, one of which I’ve written about, but haven’t published, can take on a different twist. I’m speaking of “ride-or-die.”  It’s commonly referred to or referenced, indicating someone in your most personal sphere, who, without any doubt, will be there with you through any and everything—no matter what; no matter how; no matter when! This person is not described as a ‘possibility’ in any facet, but a ‘definite’, as my cousin would say. Their entire being/presence in your life is solid and absolute!

As God has His say in my heart this particular morning, the ‘ride-or-die’ spin, as expected, does not even correlate to that meaning—it relates to life’s ride. Whether we accept it as such, life is certainly a ride, or as I often refer to it, a journey. We have day-to-day experiences with situations and encounters with folk. We have the just-so-ordinary days in which it’s nothing more than a normal day…nothing is different; it’s monotonous; it’s sometimes pretty busy, maybe dramatic, but oftentimes uneventful and very mundane. Then, there are those days that are nothing short of extraordinary. All of these experiences characterize ‘the ride’. It prompts good and bad decisions…we all make both. It involves unexpected occurrences that result in these decision-making or shall I say, opportunities. Again, a part of life’s wondrous ride…

Here’s the point…You can make the most of the ride or you can choose to die, figuratively, or sometimes tragically literally speaking. Your ‘ride’ doesn’t definitively have to also be your ‘die’, as the infamous phrase insinuates. How so? No matter what happens, we can make a choice to survive; to overcome; to win; to conquer; to be the victor, and not remain the victim.  We can choose life over death in that sense. Although the choice may mean death to a situation or even a state-of-mind, the result could mean that you’ve chosen to live for yourself; for a higher purpose. We don’t always get to choose the event, but we can certainly choose how we respond to it. Unfortunately, it’s not synonymous with shopping for, then opting to buy a car from the dealership lot or showroom floor. We may have to accept the ride that we’re given. However, in accepting it, we should decide how it’s gonna be driven (or ridden). Are we going to take this drive safely, methodically, strategically, prayerfully, faithfully, or will we approach it erratically, haphazardly, and recklessly, leading to the ‘die’ of the ride?

As difficult, and as painful as the ride may appear on our journey, let’s choose to travel with God steering the wheel and navigating the trip. If we trust Him, despite the bad traffic, inclement weather, road construction, detours, and yes, the road rage drivers, we can arrive safely. Sometimes, we end up at an alternate destination, but if we’ve truly let God take the wheel, we’ve arrived at the right place, with an accurate and Divine ETA. That, my friends, is when we have chosen well, and it is clear and affirmed that your ‘ride’ doesn’t necessarily have to be in partnership with your ‘die’!

Choose to live by believing in ourselves, and trusting The One, who is ever so worthy of our trust; our never-ending love; our faith; our worship; our praise! We can ALWAYS count on HIM, because He never lets us down.  You know….? The ride ain’t so bad at all only “If I Believe”…..

*The Cherry Vine does not own rights to this music/video or featured image

Peace and Blessings, Lisa B

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