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Inspired by one of my nieces and a co-worker/friend, who is a consistent barometer of content on The Cherry Vine (TCV), I’m sharing a motivational piece composed for, and read at this week’s Team Retreat. The intent was never purposed for TCV, however, God would have His way…..

A statement of our team’s mission/vision was created using words representative of the letters in “SUPPORT.”  This collection of words was preceded by the words, “We are….”  As my official retirement date is quickly approaching, I wanted to strongly emphasize our mission/vision, and give the team something to hold on to in times of transition, change, and what could be potential challenges ahead.  A 6 a.m. nudge on Retreat day produced these words of encouragement for a team that I am extremely proud and honored to lead…

Our mission/vision starts with what two words? “We are…” “We are” is how we identify ourselves. No matter what happens in life, no matter what changes occur in our work world or our careers, big or small, it doesn’t change the core of who we are or our purpose for the work—the reason why we’re here beyond a paycheck. 

As we move through some major changes during some financially difficult times in our school district and staff shifts, let’s remember our signature, that was spoken of during last year’s retreat. It defines us; it’s our stamp of who we are; it says I’m proud of who I am, so I can sign off on that! It says this current situation or what lies ahead doesn’t define me—my character, my work ethic, my integrity, my purpose, my commitment, and even my faith identifies with who I am, and how I’m remembered. 

Let’s continue to identify ourselves with the work of our school district with that in mind. Let our work in tough times speak to who we are and what we mean to the lives of the children of this school system. Remember that our students are children first, and let our work and SUPPORT of them fit that passion! “We are…”

Although this message was crafted for a targeted purpose, and a specific group of people, it certainly crosses over to other aspects of our lives.  Know who we are, and Whose we are, then govern our actions accordingly. Let the strength and beauty of our God-given identity, and our faith, form the pride and confidence in delivering a beautiful signature—our ID! It, no doubt, seems extremely complex when dealing with life’s unknowns and challenges, at times, but as we identify with our faith, we relax, then realize, again and again, that it’s proudly and prayerfully doable!

Peace and Blessings,

Lisa B

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