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Is Your Day Blessed?

Oftentimes, we grab a hold of words, phrases or sentences and without thought, repeat them for years. Some are passed down from generations! My sister and I find ourselves analyzing or trying to define words that we heard while growing up.  Sometimes, we have a good laugh because we realize that some were just shortened (down home – abbreviated) words or in some cases, the words were used out of context….All a part of growing up and conversing with family, neighbors and friends. I’m thankful for those memories and for the beauty and blessing of reflection.

Speaking of “blessing”, an out-of-the-box thought floated through my head earlier this week.  How many times have you uttered the words, “Have a blessed day.”?  How many times has someone spoken those words to you, whether sincerely, casually or cordially, just because it seems like one of the nicest things that can be said to someone?  No harm, no foul—It is a good thing! The smooth utterance and soft tone of those words make most people feel good.

As I prayed on this beautiful morning, in my normal special place, thanking God for the blessed day that He allowed me to be a part of, I also asked that He help me to make the most of that particular day, that was already blessed by Him. The day, simply being a blessing because it was His creation. Wow! This means that having a blessed day is a given. Everyone was going to have one that day, because every single day that we’re given an opportunity to live another day is a blessing bestowed upon us because of God’s grace and mercy.

So….Every day is a blessing, by default. Everything God created is a blessing in some way, right? So maybe instead of the normal “Have a blessed day”, would it be just as appropriate to try, “Make the most of this blessed day” or “Enjoy this blessed day” or something to that effect? Nothing different has to happen in order for the day to be anything other than blessed. There’s nothing a person can do to change the status of an already blessed day. You may not have had the kinda of day that you deem as “good”, but no doubt, the day is always a blessing!! No exceptions!

Remember that no matter what, every second, every minute, every hour of every morning, afternoon, evening, and night were all blessed at Creation. So, as you read through this post, reflect on your day. Ask yourself if today seemed like a blessed day. Trust me, your answer will always be Yes!  Why? It is because Psalms 118:24 states, “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it“.

It is important, as believers in the Creator and the Creation, that we make the most of every day and that we believe in our hearts that they were created as blessings for us to enjoy, to love, to forgive, to worship, to serve, to study His word, to grow spiritually, to give praise, to share God’s goodness, and to be thankful. A day is an awesome gift!! With that being said, don’t be mistaken, I’ll always accept or receive someone telling me to have a blessed day, as it is truly endearing and I sincerely appreciate the kind words. However, I’m fully aware and content in the fact that it, The Day, is indeed already blessed by God and I have to make the important decision to make the absolute best of it!!!!!

Peace & Blessings Lisa B

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