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Just A Little Light From The Son

Sitting here in this room at my favorite getaway place, my eyes peer out the small bedroom window. In awe, they span the immense expansiveness of the ocean. The sun is peeking just enough to shine a beam of God's glowing beauty on the water. So beautiful and so amazing, He is!  I grab my phone, snapped a pic, checked it, then looked back out over the sunny, yet bitter cold morning skies. There's something different about this momentary snapshot of the sun. For some reason, there's just enough light peeking through that says, "All you need is a little light, but you still have all of me. I'm still here shining in the background, yet giving you what you need to be reminded of me and to see your way today." Whew! That was something. Lord God, I hear you!! Tears that had been flowing started to fade. A smile that had been on hold since last night is finding its way back.... You see, I had a moment that I haven't ever felt before. Losing my BFF made me reflect over the seemingly consistent flow of losing people who I love so deeply, that started with my daddy. It all came to a boiling point of tears, as I felt like a wanderer--like I was functioning each day, trying to stay motivated while not getting too laxed on inspiring others. Well, the pot had boiled to a point where the lid was popping a little. With all of the anxiety of the pending spill, I needed God to speak. He did just that in His phenomenal way of using anything to capture our attention-- to be reminded that all really is well. He also placed the beauty of having oneness with a man who loves and trusts Him intimately in my company. If that wasn't enough, He nudged the heart of my beautiful soulmate niece, lil Jewries (Jorey), to reach out and lift me in only a way that she can. For ALL of that, on this Friday morning, I say with passion and peace, "God, I thank you! It's gonna be alright." Find your glimmer of peace in the many ways God has for us to see it. We simply have to pray and pay attention to "Just A Little Light From The Son---that may come via the sun. 🙌🏾 Peace and Blessings, Lisa C-S

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Ridin Music RM
Ridin Music RM
Jan 28, 2022

Beautiful Juju

Jan 29, 2022
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Thanks, my Oneness 😘

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