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Know Your Worth!

The song, “Worth”, by Anthony Brown is an anthem!!! It is a testament and a reminder, as to why we should praise in the midst of the pitfalls that sometimes darken our paths. It is why we should know that no matter what we experience, God’s got us!! It’s a reminder that when no one else believes in us or sees our worth, He absolutely does and I thank Him! The lyrics go a little something like this:

You thought I was worth saving,

So you came and changed my life.

You thought I was worth keeping,

So you cleaned me up inside.

You thought I was to die for,

So you sacrificed your life,

So I can be free, so I can be whole, so I can tell everyone I know…..

Have you been blessed to hear the anointing melodies and words of this recording? If not, I charge you to take a listen. YouTube it! This song lifts my spirit every time I hear it. It makes me smile and warms my heart. It makes me sway, as I sing the lyrics.

Worth is a powerful thing, as it equates to value. Worth is that thing of value that God felt we were deserving of, as the lyrics so beautifully state. Problem is, we forget sometimes our worth, our value, therefore, we submit to the wrong things, accept and tolerate situations that make us feel sub-par.  We forget that there really is a “bar”. We forget that there are standards that we should never forget that make us who we are.  These standards don’t have to be compromised, as long as we know our worth and our value.  If God thinks so much of his children, then it’s past time for us to think well of ourselves. We don’t have to feel less than or defeated. We can walk gracefully in His “greater than” experience and confidently in victory.

On this day; the day that God felt us worthy enough to experience it, remember who you are in Christ. No doubt, you, like me, are not perfect, but you are uniquely and divinely made.  Because of your architecture, you can stand in adversity. You can rise above calamity. You can smile at your enemies. You can hold your head high, when no one else understands your decisions or your journey. You have the power to prove to people, to help them to understand, that no one knows your value, better than you and the One who created you.

Knowing your worth doesn’t always eliminate pain, despair, ridicule and uncertainty, but trust and believe me, there is pleasure past all of that!!! When you take a deep breath–breathing in Worth, exhaling Devalue and say to yourself, “I am worthy”, you feel the positive energy!  You smell the sweetness of virtue and walk in the worth that God saved you, kept you and died for!!! Your “walk” won’t be perfect, but it certainly should be worthwhile and purposeful!!! Know your worth and live it! Be reminded of this quote from an unknown author —“There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.”

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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