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Left Behind

Wrote a post not long ago about Leftovers, and today the message is Left Behind. I'm not sure what's going on with "left" but here goes...

Maybe somewhat embarrassing since I'm retired, and possibly speaks to my middle-aged laxed spirit, but I have the house professionally cleaned approximately two, no more than three, times a year. The cleaning lady has such a beautiful spirit, does a fantastic job, and her price is really retiree affordable. 😊 It just works for me. It's a stress minimizer on any given day, when the house is clean, wall-to-wall, nothing is strewn, and it smells of pure cleanliness...

Well, it's the day before the cleaning is scheduled, and I've just turned the shower off. Always trying to maximize on feasibility and rationalizing even the simplest things, I start to think...Should I go through the extra two minutes or less to squeegee the shower walls and door this morning? I mean, it doesn't really make sense since she'll be here to give it a much-needed good cleaning tomorrow? That's less than 24 hours away! Those thoughts lingered for only a few seconds, as I heard yet another question in my head, Why?

Why should I intentionally leave a mess for someone else to clean, when I can take a minute or so to do it myself? And wow, doesn't that equate to how we handle life? We act deliberately, decide knowingly, and operate in intention, with our mess; our trash. We do so, not even thinking about or caring about what we're leaving behind for someone else to handle, absorb, manage, fix or clean up! Yet, we are responsible for our own ragged, reckless stuff; the residuals of our own toxic behavior. We shouldn't walk around with a sense of entitlement in that someone else is accountable for our trashy mess. We are!

So maybe, just maybe, we should take the time to really think about the consequences of our actions; the sum total of our decisions; the responsibility of what we leave behind. No human being is our personal life "cleaner." Make the mess? Clean it up! Pick it up! Fix it! Don't expect other folk to do it for us. Do what we can to make the load---or the soap suds, the soap scum or the hard water stains---lighter for someone else to deal with, if at all. Take responsibility and don't leave residue! Pay attention to what is being Left Behind, resolving the cleaning job yourself, with the only One who safely handles everything....God.

Both, what's left over and what's left behind, matter....😉

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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