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The scene...

While sitting on the balcony on check-out morning in Wilmington, my eyes, heart, mind, and soul soaked in all of the beautiful scenery. As usual, the visual became locked into the mesmerizing movement of the river waters. It was the perfect scene to reflect on what I didn't get to do because of not feeling well, yet being so grateful for being on the mend. God turned that thing around for me! He dealt with me on this "Cherry" stubborn spirit, too...

Back to the water...

Watching the river and its picturesque view, as always, I want God to speak in some way. My eyes take a pitstop to a beautiful white bird, flying so peacefully over the water. It seemed as if it was enjoying some sort of spiritual freedom with its wings extended, gliding happily over the Cape Fear River. The bird then takes a quick dip, landing on the water. From my viewpoint, it appeared to squirmish a little, flutter its wings, readjust to regain its footing, and return to flight.

Wow, it kind of reminds me of us. We can be flowing right along, everything is feeling "100," then there's a life dip or maybe even a seemingly unexpected drop. It takes faith in God, but also belief in ourselves, to accept where we've landed, to endure the squirmishing, and to shake it off. We can then readjust to go on; to return to our flow or step into a new one; to grow; to take flight again. I believe that God expects that of us. We are not to be defeated by these analogous dips and drops that land us in reckless spirits and unsturdy footing. Maybe, we should take a refresher lesson from one of His small, beautiful, unassuming creations--- the bird's experience while enjoying the Cape Fear River. I sure did. God, I thank You! 🙌🏾❤️

Oh, and the FABULOUS Faith thing?

When we...

F all, it presents an opportunity to re-

A djust, and

B elieve that God

U ses

L ife experiences

O ut of love and

U ses them so that we may

S eek Him, search ourselves, and spiritually soar.

We can't just "sit on the water"...we have "a good work" to do for the kingdom.

The "Drip" of Coffee Thoughts ☕️

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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Jul 10
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Yes!!! Regroup and move on

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Yes, Amen! ❤️

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