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Mother ~ A Mosaic

When I think of my Mother and the blessing that she is to me and so many others, the word “mosaic” comes to mind. If a Google search describes a mosaic as, “a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces …”, how can one draw parallels to the two? How does that word align as a descriptor of a person? Only God, in his Divine creativity, can perfectly craft such a unique specimen in which this correlation is even possible.

Think about the multifaceted character traits and unique qualities of a mother. Think about everything that a mom must possess, everything that a mom must do…tremendous responsibilities, all “pieces” that were given to mothers (the resulting picture or pattern), by the Creator. Google’s definition begins to resonate, doesn’t it?  If you let that visual marinate in your mind and spirit, it can be pretty powerful!

As I analyzed and compared a mosaic to a mother, here’s what came to mind:

A mother, like a mosaic, is a thing of beauty. She is something so beautiful that she captures the attention of anyone who takes a glance or feels the presence of her sweet spirit. Her inner beauty and her smile are so captivating that she becomes a conversation piece. Hence, we enjoy conversing about and proudly sharing the full scope of our mother’s being with others. Celebrating Mother’s Day gives us an official platform to do so, however, Mother’s Day is every day!

A mother, like a mosaic, is a gift. She is a gift from God. Much like appreciating the gift of fine art, the gift of a mother warms a person’s heart, feeds a person’s spirit, and in some way inspires and nurtures a feeling of happiness and peace.

A mother, like a mosaic, is a design of many pieces, resulting in one unique masterpiece. She is like a carefully sewn quilt, made of specially designed pieces of fabric. The most important, premier and select chosen pieces are:

  1. Responsibility. GOD gave a mother the responsibility, the task to be the vessel to bring children into this world. What a huge responsibility?? I’m so thankful and grateful that He felt it necessary to give me this opportunity. Being a mother is a great responsibility and an awesome blessing!

  2. Sacrifice. Mothers make so many sacrifices for their children, starting the moment they are aware that they are carrying God’s gift of love in their womb. Her sacrificial acts extend way beyond giving birth…they last a lifetime!

  3. Support. A mother goes above and beyond to support her children. She knows that her children really do need her, whether for physical, emotional, spiritual or financial support. She is a provider in countless ways. A mom has your back!

  4. Love. A mother teaches her children the value of love. The emotion, the warm feeling that starts with loving and being in relationship with God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ first! She knows that this love is the core… it is the foundation that everything in life is built on. She is fully aware that no matter how many hurdles, how many lane changes or how long the track is, the race should always end with love. God is love! Love conquers all!

There are so many things that can be said or conveyed about the wonderful creation of a Mother. Take the time to truly appreciate the intricate details, the pieces that make up the beauty of your mother. Some people may not have a great or even good relationship with their mom, as everyone has a different backstory. However, find a place in your heart to accept her for who she is, pray for her unselfishly, love her unconditionally, and thank God for giving you life through a carefully chosen vessel, selected by The One who makes no mistakes. A mother is a gift, a beautiful mosaic, uniquely designed to be appreciated, respected and supported, but most of all loved, while we’re blessed to have them physically present here on earth!

Thank you Lord, for the Divine gift of my mother. She is a masterpiece! She is beautiful artwork. She is an awesomely crafted Mother ~ A Mosaic!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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