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On this cold and brisk early November Saturday morning, after a much-needed low-fat breakfast, I settled down in my living room. As a glorified retiree, most mornings I mosey back to the bedroom to watch the news, and catch glimpses of the morning lineup of shows....

Today, God would have it that my place of a.m. unwind would be the living room. It was not by accident, as I know that God is a God of signs and wonders and purpose. In that moment of divine signaling, I sat on the loveseat, in the right-side seat that was closest to the window. As I sat there, I took a minute to take in the view, and wow! There was a different look---one that I hadn't taken the time to even notice in my own home. Smh. Glancing over the backyard, I see a beautiful cotton field. Its position was picture perfect. Being a farm girl, I know what a pretty cotton field looks like. Lol. In awe of it all, I'm noticing my neighbor in his yard, "piddlin" around, as my daddy would say. From the view, it seemed as if he was his zone of private peace.

Something is sinking in my spirit. God is giving me that nudge. Yes, like I used to get before being in somewhat of a writing drought. His nudge spoke, Sometimes we have to position ourselves in a different place to see, to grasp, to be grateful, and to fully appreciate where we are. If we travel in the same circles, not making time for "new" and different, we miss out on what He has for us---to see and experience. We have an opportunity, because of His grace, to see a different view; a different perspective, all in spaces that we take for granted...

In this moment, I'm grateful for all of the avenues that God provides for me. I often don't pay attention, but thanks be to God, He's paying attention to my what, when, and how, so that I may notice the grace before me. It is always in reach. We may have to move to a different place to see it....:-)

Prayerfully, we have to be prepared to move, to reposition ourselves, and flow differently to see/get what God has purposed just for us. Don't be afraid to Move To View!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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