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My Soul’s Still Photography

It’s Sunday, and again, I am enjoying and appreciating the significance of a still moment. A moment when nothing is hustling and bustling, by view or in the perimeters of my mind.  A moment that brings about a coolness of calm, a purpose of peacefulness, basking in the beauty of breathing in and exhaling nothing but “the moment.”  In this particular essence of time, it feels sort of like when the wind is slightly and calmly blowing just enough to whisk past your mind and is slowly bringing about movement in physical items around you; when everything else in the world suddenly seems so less important and all that matters is what’s happening in “the now”; when the mind says, “Wow, this moment, this very second of my being, is really alright.” It is a precious moment of stillness that can only reel in an appreciation of all that really ain’t so bad–A moment that subtly, but effectively lifts your spirits to a place of exuberance with a moderate rush of adrenaline in realizing that what you’ve been praying for is being affirmed. He will deliver! A moment in sweet, soulful, serene time.

For some reason, what I’m experiencing symbolizes photographic art–A snapshot of everything that represents good, taken with a camera filled with images of gratitude for being fully present in this particular moment. There is resolution and picture clarity that makes it pretty clear that it is a blessing to be breathing, to be able to take in God’s gift of air. No red-eye reduction is necessary because it is also a blessing to be able to see with the present eye, even with limited physical vision, the beauty of who God is and what He has created for His children. Then, there’s the unobstructed angled view of knowing that I’m not where I need to be, but I’m certainly working toward better. I know that the shutter speed may need some adjusting, but I’m being ever so careful not to over adjust without consulting the manufacturer, the maker– I need direction. The wide angle lens allows me to view the full scope of what is attainable only through God. The tripod holds the camera steady, minimizing the unnecessary movements that cause blurred images. The timer lets me determine when the camera snaps the picture, but if it malfunctions, I have to recognize that my timing was off! The photographer, who just might have failed at photography before, is still working her craft, trying to create the best images to ensure a photo album that houses true reflection of a real life, not always touched up for display.  They represent good, however sometimes raw images that reveal some candid shots of trials, failed and successful expectancy, growth, defeat and victories. It is all made so resolute in a still moment.

In the stillness of this soulful moment, I’m thankful for the photographic images, past and present that have shaped my life. In the continued stillness of this beautiful and profound moment, listening to geese quacking nearby and the rooster crowing, sitting in the slightly dusty chair on the patio, I’m loving God even more for giving me this life. Gotta love it because He made it just for me—to work through, not to complain about what isn’t, but to make the best of what is!!  I’m the photographer, taking pictures of still moments.  These pictures will be placed in the many photo albums that are yet to come, and will represent this journey, affectionately called Life – My Soul’s Still Photography!

In Remembrance ~  This particular Sunday, September 11, 2016, also represents a national tragedy that took the lives of many people fifteen years ago today.   It has forever impacted the lives and livelihood of thousands. In a still moment today, take some time to quietly and prayerfully remember the souls, the victims and families of the 911 attack.

Peace & Blessings, Lisa B

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