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Never Lose…

One of the things that I opened myself up to in authoring this blog is a huge glimpse of transparency of my thoughts through the visibility of words.  Oftentimes, I write, not only to inspire others, but also to encourage my own heart, as I too am sorting through this life the best I can.  Being able to express myself, in the purpose of helping others, surely doesn’t exempt me from life’s softball pitches or hard and fast-pitched baseball throws. I have my moments, no doubt!  My path doesn’t breed perfection, but I am living purpose through my desire to be a part of another’s growth–connecting others to the words that I ask God to give me to share.  It’s that simple…

So…If you are a follower of The Cherry Vine, you may remember last week’s Bud#9 post.  An excerpt of the Bud stated, “Lord, I don’t know what you’re up to, but I trust You.” As ole fate would have it, I would be challenged the next week to remember my own “vine-thoughts”, and to apply them to a current situation in my life. It’s in those times when one or even a few back-to-back curveballs are thrown so consistently, that your head and your heart spin!  It’s in those times when you have to reach back to what you know–your faith, your inspirational messages to others, and your love and trust in The One who makes no mistakes, to come out of the tailspin.

Here’s how God works and how He, again, revealed His “I got you” presence to me on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, and I’m so thankful…

Reeling from some information that had me emotionally dipped and spiritually perplexed, I went about my day, mostly trying to avoid conversation.  I needed to spend time with God and myself to absorb what had been shared with me.  A couple of friends sort of forced conversations throughout the day, as they knew I was in an unusual “zone” and wanted to make sure I was okay, returning back to my old self.  Yes, I’m blessed to have some great folk in my life! 🙂 Although they didn’t know I was on to them, I actually knew exactly what was going on, and was grateful.

Busying myself in the kitchen, I ‘eyeballed’ a plastic communion cup.  This cup is probably over 10 years old, has a few cracks, and still has juice residue in it. It was one used in Holy Communion service at church so many years ago, however, I kept it because, at that time, the pastor had mentioned keeping it, having it somewhere in plain sight, so that we would remember its symbolism–the blood of Jesus! I had kept it in my desk drawer at work since that time, bringing it home after retirement. I placed it on the kitchen counter for that same reason, but wow, did I need to pay attention to it today!!

I, not only looked at it, I stared; I smiled. It all came together in mind and spirit, and it was clear that God was speaking to me through that little ole cracked communion cup.  I continued washing dishes, wiped down kitchen counters, and cleaned the floor, all while singing to myself the song that I sang to my daughter often when she was a baby, “The Blood.” It was in those moments on this day, that I realized that I, again, temporarily cracked my power to believe in God’s.  It was in those moments that a woman who seeks to inspire others was totally inspired, lifted and wrapped up in remembering the power of The Blood— The Blood that gives me strength, from day to day, yeah…It will n-e-v-e-r lose its power…

All is and will be well, in the name of Jesus! I’m better now, and God is always incredible and great! “Lord, I not only trust You, but I thank You in advance.” ~ Bud#9

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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