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Beyond the Apple

In my spirit heavy today, this song hasn't hit my brain waves in maybe 50+ years! Researching now, looks like it was released in 1971 by the family group, The Osmonds. Yep, crazy, but apparently there's a reason why these lyrics were swirling in my head...

One bad apple don't

Spoil the whole bunch, girl

Oh, give it one more try

Before you give up on love

One bad apple don't

Spoil the whole bunch, girl

Oh, I don't care what they say

I don't care what you heard

So, one bad apple, whether in a relationship, as the song conveys, or in any situation, doesn't mean the absolute e-n-d. Yes, the rotten parts can be bruising and damaging, but there's more! There's another chance to get the 'good' of what's left. In that, be open---stay encouraged; stay positive; stay in faith. Believe that God offers more than first opportunities for love and life's apples....🍎 He has the right 'pick' waiting for us to toss out the bad apple(s)---only as He guides the way. Don't be concerned with what "they say!" Focus on what God says in His word; in His promises.

Oh, it doesn't mean that the "apple" is necessarily "bad," but maybe just not in an acceptable condition of ripeness, or maybe not the "ripe" time for you. 😘

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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