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Passion Fruit

Many years ago, during a school district leader's retirement speech, she profoundly spoke of the impact of passion, and how it should drive the day-to-day business of educating students. She espoused words that ring true in every aspect of our lives. Too often, we witness the remnants of lacking the word that Merriam-Webster defines as, "a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept." The loss of it, as dropped in my spirit recently, lands here...

Functioning with a loss of Passion in a relationship, marriage, a job/career, and l-i-f-e, substituting it for other so-called Personal Perks is not Purposed for success. It only increases the Propensity for inadequacy, Poor Performance, dissatisfaction, frustration, questionable outcomes, and an array of other sub-Par results and feelings. That, in a nutshell, truly Parallels a served-up measure of Procrastination---Prolonging the choice to Pursue or be open to the Pursuit of the thing that, or the Person who, Positively Pours into the Purpose of the 'P" word, Passion. Having 'it' Performs much better overall--- clicks on all cylinders; at all levels. If that kind of Passion doesn't truly exist, we're missing the beauty of "the fruit" that having it bears. Seemingly, it's just soiled, bruised, droopy, drab, unripe, Grade D...fruit.

When Passion is missing from well-intentioned things, someone or something is being unfulfilled; rendered a disservice. Find it, and there you will find more Peace---emotionally, mentally, Physically, and spiritually. So, Permeate the space of what truly matters to you with a little more Passion! The benefits are beautiful. ☺️

"The Drip" of Coffee Thoughts ☕️

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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