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Pay Attention to Preparation

Are you paying attention to how God may be preparing you for your purpose?  As I am now beginning to walk in mine, I can clearly see how God has been preparing me, step-by-step, piece-by-piece for quite a while.

He is so marvelous and meticulous, like the epitome of fine art, as He has carefully and strategically designed every stroke of the brush to evolve us into masterpieces. We have to WATCH the movement of the brush and LISTEN to the sound of the bristles stroking the canvas…WE HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION!

The painting comes together perfectly with a variation of color, subtle subliminal messages and inferences in the artwork that provoke thought and conversation about how this masterpiece progressed. It is amazing, the preparedness that took place in the artist’s mind to put all of the intricate details and intimate pieces of the creative soul on canvas.

In order to achieve this unique work, the painter has to recognize how a divine source skillfully put the gifts of his/her talent to purpose for this signature-ready original. The artist’s final masterpiece is perfect for the painter, if not for anyone else. He sees the beauty of his work and fully appreciates  the finished product, as God appreciates the beauty of His work in us.

We are all paintings waiting to be masterpieces. God’s preparations are unique to you, therefore perfect only for you! Pay attention to how He may be preparing you, so that His mastery can be revealed in your life as you journey to and through your purpose—perfectly prepared just for you! It’s waiting! Go get it!!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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