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Pick Up Your Toolbox!

There are so many reasons to seek God first!! We go through so much heartache and pain, whether family or financial matters, friendship and relationship woes or just run-of-the-mill job related issues. We have a tendency to either try to pretend it doesn’t bother us, but continue to carry it around like a sack of potatoes in our spirit or act out of frustration, disappointment and anger. What we sometimes do, as a last resort, is pray and seek God for help. If we take a deep breath for a second and regroup, the right approach surfaces…YOU Pray first!

Although we frequently speak the phrase, “There is power in prayer”, we forget that awesome, completely effective tool when trouble or a disheartening situation arises. We turn to people (the handyman/handywoman) for help when we are very well equipped to combat the crisis ourselves. Our own toolbox of a sound mind, a warm heart and the willingness to communicate in simple plain language to God initiates the repair. No perfect diction or “glossy” words are necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, we ALL need counsel and there is so much power in collective prayer. However, we should learn to start with the man/woman in that infamous mirror. We are better at being a fixer of our broken pieces than we realize.

It only takes a split second to decide to pick up that toolbox filled with the right tools. I’ve learned that it must include a daily devotional routine! Do it and you will be amazed at your progress and the level of peace that comes with simply being reminded of your faith and belief in God first, then yourself brings! Know your value! “You are the master of your fate…..”

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B


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