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Reflecting on 60 Years ~ Happy Birthday To Me!


At 60, I'm....

SAVED and falling more in love with God each day.

INCREASING in learning how to meet people "where they are" ---- aligning according, but also

"X'ING out things that don't have a place of positivity on this journey

TRYING to become better at living and loving in spaces that grow me spiritually, as I am

YEARNING to have a place with God, The Father, when the now-life transitions to after-life.

Thanks, everyone, for the more than beautiful outpouring of love today. Thank you for loving me enough to do so. I'm forever grateful. I'm forever blessed. Love you all...mean it, from the core of my Cherry soul! 🥰❤😍

Lord, I thank you for every molecular particle and minute happening in this life. For it has all served to teach me, challenge me, grow me, and groom me into the person that You created me to be. Lord, I thank You for Your hand of divine design to make me---simply me. Thank You for these 60 years. Lord, thank You in advance for many more years of a life lived to Honor You, to serve You, and to enjoy the abundance that comes by Your amazing Grace, and unmerited favor. Thank You for bestowing it upon me daily. Father, I'm grateful; I'm blessed; I'm in love with You; I give You thanks. In Jesus' name, Amen, Amen, and Amen.

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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