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Shattered By The Breaks, But Not Broken

A shatter. The moment when something occurs that causes a slight break that spreads. Sometimes, it spreads as a consistent long line with segments of lengthy breaks connected along the way. Other times, it shatters into a collection of tiny breaks. Then, there are the times where we're seeing just a few broken pieces, but too often, there are a lot of broken pieces. Adding insult to injury, the effects of the break tend to continue to shatter long after the initial crack turned into shattered pieces. Sadly, it keeps on going, and going, and going...

Isn't that much like life? We can be traveling with a clear view of the road ahead and then, some sort of break occurs. Of course, we can still see the road, but the view is slightly obstructed. Then, what may start as a break or even a nick, continues to cause a lengthy line in the window, and we wonder how much longer is it going to spread before there's a fix. Again, we can still see, however, that line is taxing on the view, so we question the road ahead. Sometimes, we drive for weeks, months and even years with the shattered pieces in the window, accepting it, and settling into the, "It's alright for right now," mode. It becomes a place of complacency; It becomes a place of toxic comfort. We don't make time to do what it takes to get it fixed or seek out the best place to get it done. We have insurance, but we're not making time for the repair. Much like life...

Well, as the old hip hop tune goes, "These are the breaks..." They come from fractures that lead to breakage--- in marriages, family, friendships, finances, and spirit, threatening to break our faith. Like the line in the windshield, sometimes the breaks grow, and grow, and grow. And when we finally decide to take care of the near completely broken windshield, another rock hits the window, rendering more damage, adding to the state of potential brokenness. Whew!

The hard part, at times, is recognizing the breaks for what they are and remembering where the repair starts. It starts with a tune-up, and an alignment to get re-centered and balanced. The process may look different for different people, as the breaks start to mend. However, it begins and ends with God! He is the ultimate fixer and repairer of everything that we face. There is absolutely nothing that He can't fix!! We simply need to trust Him with our many breaks that we experience in this life. They, no doubt, are gonna show up, but with Him, they don't have to show out! He takes divine care of our broken pieces and shattered lives, and still leaves us unbroken. So, as a vintage R&B hit commands, "Pick up the pieces, uh, huh..."

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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