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Six-Year Anniversary Reflections!

A lot has happened since that Sunday afternoon on April 24, 2016, in Raleigh, NC. I often take that infamous ride via the rearview mirror, reflecting on the multi-year path to here....

As my dad's passing taught me the significance of strength, my mom's illness and passing taught me the value of surrender. Strength, knowing that only God can give you the fortitude to endure grief of losing someone loved and adored so deeply. Surrender, in knowing that I had to relinquish what I apparently thought was my superpower, being a fixer. Smh. It wasn’t a superpower at all...It was a crutch, fully decorated with intense love and care, wrapped in a need to be in control. When I didn't have all of the answers regarding my mama's care, I had no choice but to give it to the ultimate healer, the ultimate fixer, Almighty God. Figuratively speaking, Daddy's "period" was actually a "comma" before the creation of The Cherry Vine, while Mama's "ellipsis marks" sparked the publishing of books. In that, it is indeed evident that God uses our pain for good in some way. We have to trust Him, listen for His voice and watch for His signs and wonders to walk into the "good" that He has in store. The Cherry Vine is a huge part of my "good!" I'm so grateful for this platform. It may have started to inspire others, but indeed it has continued to be therapeutic for me. That therapy comes in many forms of release---to help; to heal; to show that my story can easily be someone else's---None of us are alone in what we go through. In moments when I question if my journey is still truly one of purpose, God always sends an angel to remind me that it is. Those confirmations come through so many of you who take a moment to encourage me. Many times, that encouragement translates to tears of joy, as I know God is speaking. Thank God and thank you!! The vine'age will continue to grow, however, I don't know exactly where to and how. A dear friend spoke that to me, prophetically, a few days ago. I'm leaning on and trusting God to reveal next steps. In the meantime, I'm extending my heart to you through these words... None of this happens without your love and support. None of it! I am amazed at how you have been intentional in being a blessing to me, and I pray that you are seeing the fruits of doing what God requires us all to do, which is to Love. I appreciate you "blossoming", "budding" and loving these past six years. I pray that we continue to learn how to be better each day through staying foundationally rooted in God, and of course through some facet of what the cherries, vines, stems and buds bring through The Cherry Vine!

Please encourage someone to tell their story through the gift of written expression. The Cherry Vine and its vine'age is here only because people were obedient in speaking life to a mere possibility. I'm forever grateful. I solicit your prayers, as the vine continues to be nurtured for future growth. Peace & Blessings, Lisa C-S

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Ridin Music RM
Ridin Music RM
Apr 25, 2022

Strength and Surrender... I like that. Well Said

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