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Sometimes v2.0

*Wrote this piece for a dear friend years ago. Running across it in my arsenal of very early writings (as you will be able to tell 😊), I thought a slightly revamped version might be a blessing to others, too. Be encouraged by the revision of 'Sometimes.'

Sometimes, life throws us a curve ball

We try to avoid it, but a direct hit causes us to fall

Sometimes, we're injured and at times we're just bruised

That blow can leave us scarred and so confused

Sometimes, we're not sure of God's why or His plans

But be reminded that it's all in His powerful hands

Sometimes, the pain is so deep, that we can't see our way through 

In those moments, just know that God is still carrying you

Sometimes, we question, "Lord, but when will You deliver me from this pain?" 

But wait, for His timing is perfect, like the natural flow of a river and pouring rain

Sometimes, the loss of those we love is so tough to bear

No one truly understands our unique hurt, although they deeply care

Sometimes, in those moments when you feel so alone

Be reminded of Our Father's omnipresence; He is always on the Throne

Not just sometimes, but all the time, God is so good

Even in suffering and mourning that can put us in a depressed mood

Sometimes, I reflect on those moments, as I've lost my parents who I love so much

It was during those times that I leaned on family, true friends, and such---

Special folk who love and support me, as best they can

And make every effort to understand

They are tune with the many emotions that I feel

And recognizing that only time and Jesus can heal

So, at any ole time when “your moments” occur

People are there for you when life appears to be a blur

Don't forget to read the words of Psalms 139

It's a letter of our Godly identity and a reminder that your loved one is just fine

For Heaven is such a magnificent place

Our prayerful journey’s end, to see The Father's face

Although through your grief, we may be physically apart

I pray that the spirit of  my love and presence is deeply engrained in your heart

So... Be strong; Be prayerful; Be at peace; Be forever grateful for the blessing of their life here

Not just sometimes, but all the time, they’re Heavenly watching over you---day by day, year after year...

As we think of them, may we also remember...

I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

~Philippians 3:14 NKJV

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa C-S

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