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#STEMS ~ G-O-D Letters Matter

Every night, for more years than I can remember, my daughter and I text or speak these words to each other, “Goodnight. Love you and God bless.”  Through her childhood, college years, beginning her career and now even in marriage, it has always been the innocence, strength and genuine expression of these words that make my heart smile at bedtime. For me, it kinda goes together like pancakes and syrup or maybe even like grits and butter. You can eat them independent of each other, but they sure taste so much better together. 🙂

On a particular late-night, in lazy copy-and-paste mode, I copied a prior text that had “God”, written as “Hod.” I won’t say which one of us owned the original…LOL! It was just an original slip of the fingers on a phone keyboard–a normal typo, right? Of course, but when I started to change the H to a G, those ole TCV brainwaves kicked in! The questions start to surface, swirling in computer processing mode.  The 1’s and 0’s arrive at: Do we change up on God? Do we rely on alternative replacements for what we should count on God for? Do we try to change our view of God to fit our agendas? Do we minimize God to the reading of the 3-letter word or do we tap into the full power and scope of the Who He is? Should there ever be a slip-up in realizing His presence? Do we ever look at Him as anything else?  As someone mentioned recently, He is not some “cosmic sugar daddy.” Do we have faith in His fixes? Do we trust others to correct what only He can?  Maybe some redundancy and rambling in this state of self-inquisition, but the random thought flow was what-it-was…

In sorting through it all, the trivial nature of this being sparked from a mistyped word, although one of the highest resonance, seems so on point, yet can be so profound. Don’t drop this particular “G” for anything! It’s a permanent static letter, preceding ‘od.” Nothing can emulate it, imitate it, replace it or mirror it. It stands alone in this lettering combo and at the infinite height of the heavens. It is “The Most High.” It is always GOD! It most definitely is, and forever will be, a “G-O-D thang!”

Peace & Blessings, Lisa B

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