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#STEMS ~ The ‘Why???’

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I absolutely love the movie, The Preacher’s Wife! While watching it on a recent Saturday morning, I was reminded that I am still in awe of the storyline, and the starring cast of the late Whitney Houston, the fine Denzel Washington, the talented Courtney B. Vance, and the sassy, Loretta Devine. The music is perfect and amazingly matched for each associated scene.  The entire soundtrack is musical excellence to my ears! As a matter of fact, it has one of my favorite songs of all times, “My Heart Is Calling,” masterfully sung by Whitney in that smooth, buttery, soulful, powerful and beautiful voice. I’ve seen this movie over a hundred times, it seems.  However, on this particular Saturday morning, I had a “ding-ding” alert or as Oprah sometimes refers to a like thought, an “ah-hah” moment. I immediately shared my newfound take-a-way on FaceBook.  As I was creating the post, it was pretty evident that more than likely, it would become a STEMS (Short Tidbits Entering My Spirit) post on The Cherry Vine. 😉

So, here goes….

God sometimes allows people, even angels, to appear in our lives. They have ‘purpose’ that we don’t fully understand. Don’t try to figure it out, because it’s all worked out in God’s perfect plan. One thing that we must remember, is that no matter how confusing, complex or sometimes hurtful, it’s a teachable moment to allow us to get on or stay on the right path—not necessarily the one that we’ve planned, but the one God has destined for us. For that, we exhale, and walk in His love and take faith-in-his-works with us. He knows ALL!!

Peace and Blessings,

Lisa B

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