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The “Saved On Saturday” blog must have been too much for the devil!!! It was if he said, “So you have the audacity to declare that you’re saved on Saturday? I’ll show you something, young lady!” Didn’t take long for ole Satan to go to work either.  Within hours, I was tested by anger, frustration, distrust, indecisiveness and an unsettled spirit!  Within hours, I found myself in a semi “valley” moment, in which I retreated to indulging in a little self-pity and discontent about a couple of things that hit me head-on.  Yes, head-on, the day that I happily and boldly declared my status of being “Saved On Saturday.”

As I moved beyond the tricks of the devil— thanks to my Godly counsel who reminded me to recognize it for what it was— The word TRUST kept ringing in my ear and in my spirit.  See, TRUST is a powerful tool.  It is divine weaponry, if you TRUST in the right being, the right people, in the right things. I was reminded to TRUST in God.  I was reminded to TRUST in the journey that He has prepared just for me.  I was reminded that attacks are meant to shake that TRUST. They are meant to make you not even TRUST what you already know God has for you.  Walking away from that “valley moment”, I had to take a replenished bag of Trust in God with me.

This morning, as I continued to walk uphill from the valley, these lyrics sounded clearly in my mind, “I will trust in the Lord. I will trust in the Lord. I will trust in the Lord, until I die. I will stay on the battle field. I will stay on the battlefield. I will stay on the battlefield, until I die.”  It literally stopped me in my tracks, as I began to reflect on the last few years of my life. Suddenly TRUST brought back memories, past and present.  I realized that I had lost trust in so many ways… Situations had occurred in which I lost trust in select people who I trusted with intimate accounts of my life.  I lost trust in some family, who I thought would always be there, no matter what, for support.  As of Saturday, I had even lost trust in my dog child, Khloe — to not tear up the house 🙂  I had been battling TRUST for a long time! Yes, battling! Hence, the song made sense… “I’m going to stay on the battlefield…. .”  How long? Until I die!  That meant the battles would always be there! My strategy in the battle is to stay rooted and grounded in TRUST! Not trusting people, but TRUSTING God—Trusting him for the journey.  Trusting that when those valley moments occur, I have to TRUST Him to walk safely and sanely through it!

So, with all that being said, join me in remembering these key points when dealing with issues of TRUST:

  1. There is only one being that we can fully TRUST—That’s God!

  2. TRUST your gut, as it can sometimes be God nudging your spirit—profound words of a friend.

  3. Be careful and very selective, as you choose folk who you think can be trusted. Ask God for a discerning spirit in choosing or even keeping these folk in your circle, who can be called friends. Acquaintances don’t have to be trustworthy… Your friends do!

  4. Keep in mind that because the chosen people aren’t God, that trust can be betrayed.

  5. Have your armor ready when the trust has been broken. Don’t be afraid to make some necessary changes to give your heart some peace.

  6. Know that recovering from the emotional damage of realizing that you’ve trusted the wrong people is not an easy process — takes time to heal, but don’t live in the hurt. Take a deep breath, saddle up and keep riding on the trail of Grace.

  7. There is a lesson in everything. There is a reason why this issue of trust/distrust has knocked at your door and entered so freely. Learn from the lesson. Ask God to guide you through the recovery and to reveal the lesson—to make it clear—clarity is important—not in our time, but in God’s time.

  8. Move forward in Faith and TRUST God first, as you continue through the journey that He has prepared just for you!!

You know?? Satan is still mad, because my day is so much brighter. My mind is more clear. My spirit is settled today. My battlefield still awaits me, and I’m prepared to stay on it, ready to fight with divine weaponry.  No matter what, this girl is gonna continue to TRUST in the Lord!!

A message to ole Mr. Devil:  I’m still “Flawed, Yet Favored” and “Saved On Saturday”!!!!!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B.

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