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Taking A Look…

Coming home for a quick lunch break, I sat on the stoop of my front porch while my dog child took a potty break. As I marveled, yet again, at how sweet and intelligent she was, I thought, how in the world can this K9 special baby girl be so aggravating and completely test my patience at times?? 😉 Continuing to watch her and taking a moment to exhale from the busyness of this hectic 10-hr workday, I looked in my yard and glanced out over the neighborhood. You know what? As I exhaled work tension, I somehow inhaled the sorted, but beauty of the journey to “here” and everything that represented where I am in this current moment.

Who would’ve ever thought that 6 years ago, I was brave enough to make a drastic life change that has me in this new setting; in this different kind of unexpected life? Who would’ve ever thought that a high school courtship that led to marriage and a beautiful daughter would land in separation, divorce and living on my own for the first time in my life? Who would’ve ever thought that it would’ve taken entering into mid-life to realize that I am the only person, other than God, my parents, my sister, my sweet child, and a handful of others who without a doubt, no matter what I’ve done, no matter what I’ve said, who is going to unconditionally and consistently look out for my best interests?? Who would’ve ever thought that high school students, my great-niece and nephew (aka “The Twins”), would be so solid, so supportive and be there EVERY step of the way in me making a critical move across town? Who would’ve ever thought that a foundation built on love and mutual respect between two families would allow everyone to continue to love deeply and fellowship with one another after the two forces that brought everyone together were no longer one? Who would’ve ever thought that through it all, these two forces could maintain a friendship, mutual respect, and continue to be supportive of each other–no hate, no animosity, just “good” in every way that matters? You never know where life will take you or what roads you’ll have to travel to get there.

Soaking in the independence that I sometimes take for granted, I felt a sense of peace. Peace in knowing that through the entire journey, I was never alone. Peace in knowing that for the remainder of this journey, there is no separation or divorce from God… His love for me and mine for Him is unconditional and eternal. I can never move from His presence. Thank you, Lord!!

Sitting here on this three-step stoop, experiencing the highest heat index of the day, perspiring from the muggy atmosphere and humidity, I’m reminded again that thankfulness is never overrated! I’m thankful for this little ole house in the country, where I can hear a rooster crowing early on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I’m thankful for the shrubbery that has some pretty good indicators of negligence. I’m thankful for the blinds that still need repair, that have a WSSU hand towel covering the hole created by one of Khloe ‘ s moments of anxiety. I’m thankful for the settled spirit that begins to come over me when I drive into the long driveway…well, unless there’s a green tree frog nearby!! Lol

Yes, I’m taking a reflective and gratitude look…. ~I’m taking a look at faith. ~I’m taking a look at those infamous storms that landed me here–although some were just thunder showers. Some were hit-and-miss mini-lightning strikes and I certainly can’t dismiss the many days and years of bright sunshine. ~I’m taking a look at Grace. ~I’m taking a look at endurance. ~I’m taking a look at favor. ~I’m taking a look at believing. ~I’m taking a look at hope in the things to come. ~I’m taking a look at the love God has for me–just a simple country girl from Bertie County in North Carolina.

Above all, I’m taking a look at what God has done for me! As I thank Him, I look up and smile with reverence and gratefulness!! As my mom always says, “Just look at God!” You know what?? At this very moment, Mama, I’m taking a look at Him, and He is incredible!!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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