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TCV One-Year Anniversary Speech ~ Thanks!

This is the speech shared with those present for the one-year anniversary celebration on Saturday, April 29th. Although all readers and followers could not be attendance for the occassion, please know that I Thank each of YOU for taking moments to read the expressions of my heart. I am so grateful for your love and support. It is my prayer that you are, and will continue to be inspired by the writings on The Cherry Vine!

~On April 24, 2016, at The Cherry Vine’s Blog Launch, I charged family and friends present on that Sunday afternoon to exercise CHOICE. To….

C Choose wisely, only after

H Hearing the voice of God. Be

O Obedient to his word and follow the

I Instructions that He has given. Be ready to

C Carve out the change that may be required to follow this new path, and His favor will be

E Ever present as you walk in His purpose for your life!

This year, as we celebrate the one-year anniversary, I’m simply asking you to accept the special delivery of “A Sip of THANKS” served up via your take-home favor—a card with a mini can of Cherry Coke. The card reads:

T Take the time to study the Word and engage in daily devotion. Use this as a tool to search yourself to discover who you really are…not your ‘surface’ self, but your internal being.

H Have not a little faith, but a lot of faith in what God can do in your life.

A Aim high to seek your Divine purpose. It is a journey of finding peace in your heart, mind, and soul.

N Nurture your spiritual gifts and protect them with your life. They allow you to speak your truth in a special way that is uniquely designed by God just for you.

K Know that whatever God does in your life has no limits…The ceiling is not the roof! 🙂

S Sow good seeds in fertile soil to spring forth blossoms of flowers that only serve the purpose to illuminate and beautify someone else’s path.

In addition, I ask that you take moments to Look – – – to Look Back, to Look Up and to Look Ahead!! I’m borrowing this concept from the Daily Walk Bible, as readers are taken on a reflective journey after studying each book of the Bible. So in that regard, my friends, on today, Saturday evening, April 29, 2017……

I Look Back… On the CHOICE to live my purpose, and I’m pleased. Because I made that CHOICE, on the one-year anniversary date of The Cherry Vine, there were:

  1. 18, 986 Views

  2. 3370 Visitors

  3. Viewers in 38 countries other than the US; 16 of them are new countries that have been added in 2017

  4. Also, 2016 presented a year of reflection, as ‘Taking A Look’ was the most popular blog.

  5. So far, 2017 represents valuing life, as ‘Too Late… Shouldv’e Taken The Time’, written about my late cousin, Janelle Grandy, has been the most popular.

I Look Up…Thanking God for the opportunity to impact and inspire the lives of His children around the world.

I Look Ahead…to Year-Two and beyond and everything that God has destined for me on this journey. I also look forward to having each of you, riding, walking, stepping, and running with me. More importantly, I look forward to you praying with and for me along the way.

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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