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Tears of Thankfulness

When God moves in such a way that you know without a doubt He is speaking to you and tears begin to form, don’t be afraid to weep. Let the tears flow!

You see, tears are like the flowing of warm shower waters. The initial warmth of the water immediately makes you take a deep breath, then slowly relax. Somehow, just the water hitting our skin makes us feel good–makes us feel better all on the inside.  It proceeds to provide the initial step for cleansing. Soap enters the picture as step two, but doesn’t finish the job. It is the water that finishes it! See, the water is necessary in that shower to cleanse the body, as tears are necessary in cleansing the human soul. So no matter who you are or where you are spiritually, tears  are universally divine and affect all of us the same.

When you are touched by a person or an event that gives you confirmation in such a way that it brings about a spiritual flow of water–  often happens with these “Cherry” eyes– take a moment to enjoy the teary shower and be thankful.  Be grateful as you receive the warmth of God through whatever or whoever vessel He delivers it through.

I’m so thankful for tears! Thankful for the deliverer, the sweet spirit of His vessel, this Tuesday morning! This vessel sweetly said, ” Like soil, our tears irrigate–provide growth and strength to produce the fruit in our lives.”  Amen!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B.

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