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The Catch

Although 53 years of age (notice that I didn’t say old), until 7 days ago, I had never had any kind of temporary life altering injury. Of course, I’ve had little boo-boos, but nothing that really challenged my mobility. Yes…A little ole ankle sprain, even though diagnosed as a pretty bad one, made me realize how complex normal run-of-the-mill simple tasks had become – those things that some of us take for granted; those things that are now positioned in a place of proper perspective for me.

The sprained ligament in my ankle that has sort of turned into a temporary twin, with its own personality, commonly and appropriately referred to as Big Foot, caused me to go into the office only two half-days of the work week. As I was leaving the office the 2nd half-day, this past Friday, a small entourage of work family began to congregate to assist me with exiting the building. Yes…I work with some of the best and most caring people in the world!  Leaving my office, slowly, meticulously, and methodically moving down a flight of brick stairs, my work neighbor decided to protect me by standing in front of me. As I hobbled down each step, He said, “I’ll catch you if you fall.” I laughed and said, “Thank you”, but said to myself, this is a whole lot of woman to catch! Lol.

Always in reflective mode, I later thought, wow…someone being willing to catch you when you fall is pretty awesome; pretty selfless; pretty protective; an expression of valor; a noble gesture; an act of extreme kindness and a caring move of “I got you!” Going through tough times sometimes unfolds the mystery, confirms or affirms those who are willing to catch you when you fall. The so-called friendship meter either quickly rolls to the right toward 100 or plummets to the left near 0 (zero). It is so important to surround yourself with people who are concerned with EVERY aspect of your being, not selectively choosing how they can assert themselves in your life. Sad, but true, some folk just hang around to take advantage of how you can benefit their cause or how you can enhance their well-being. When you need them, they operate in total absentia.  It’s like a chess game. Watch the strategic moves! If you study the board closely, the revelation will become very clear. With the right knowledge, you can then block that carefully orchestrated checkmate! 😉

As we get older, or shall I say physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually mature, take a moment to recalibrate that friend meter. Make sure that it is functioning properly to provide accurate readings of life’s catchers. Today, I am thankful for all of mine. I’m blessed to have quite a few. However, if no one is there to catch me, there is no need to fret once I get past the initial disappointment. It doesn’t take too long to regroup. Why? Because I look to and lean on the catcher who is the best at His game.  You know??? The One who has mastered the skill of catching and wins the World Series over and over again, day after day, minute after minute and second by second. He is the one who loves us most and catches us Every Time!!

Thank God, once again, for catching me!!  I’m not embarrassed to admit, that although I may not experience a physical fall often, I certainly fall in countless other ways. I am, however, making an effort to improve my game, every day that God gives me another opportunity to do so. Some days, I do better than others. What I know for sure is that I, too, need to be suited up and ready to play — I have a Godly responsibility and an assigned position to be a catcher! So do You!

To the catchers who voluntarily picked me up and drove me from place to place… Thanks for catching me.

To the catchers who offered to do whatever I needed them to do ….Thanks for catching me.

To the catcher who took better care of my injury than I ever could have…Thanks for catching me.

To the catcher who took care of my household needs and anything else, because of love, not commitment . . . Thanks for catching me.

To the many catchers who extended well wishes and lifted my spirits…Thanks for catching me.

Last, but not least…To the catchers who prayed for healing ….Thanks for catching me!! All is well!

Peace & Blessings, Lisa B

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