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The Fight ~ Celebrating MLK Day!

Waking up this morning, and going about this MLK Day, I’m reminded in so many ways of how proud I am of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!  I’m in awe of all that he stood for, boldly and courageously, to fight against injustice everywhere. I’m so thankful that he has been given a day in which we celebrate in ceremony, service, humanitarian efforts, and a multitude of good deeds—all in grand honor of this wonderful man of fairness, faith, purpose and sacrifice.

As we go about this celebratory day, remember ALL that Dr. King has done to bring about equality for oppressed, underprivileged and underrepresented people. Remember that the journey has not ended, as we are currently reliving some of the injustices that he fought against, in the current racial climate, and in the appalling nature and insensitive words of the person who represents the highest office in the nation. We must remember that love is a gift of God, and it can conquer ALL. Remember that we are to love each other, embracing the quilted fabric of differences, not judging them based on unfair and unfounded biases. Remember that we should celebrate and support the efforts of those who, like Martin Luther King, are not afraid to fight in peace against racism; against prejudices on the basis of gender, whether sexual expression or orientation; against bias of religious preference; against discrimination based on age or socio-economics; against all that presents the beautiful mosaic of the makeup of God’s children. We are ALL that (and a bag of chips 😘)! We are indeed ALL children of a non-discriminatory, just and unconditional loving God. Whether we chose to kneel in peace for a just cause or whether we emigrate from Africa, Norway or any country or land in this world, we are all ONE in the eyesight of the Most High God.

Today, I celebrate all that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us, from the inception of his choice to lead the nation in ‘right’, through his entire selfless journey of a self-prescribed destination of a path that led to necessary CHANGE!  This journey cost him his life, however the gift of his sacrifice lives on for us to remember to FIGHT—To fight against discriminatory practices; to fight against the acts of and institutionalized racism; to fight for right; to fight for love; to fight for equality; to fight for humanity; to fight against hate! Let’s choose to also fight against anything that offers judgmental division and anything that soils the beauty of true respect and genuine love! He fought so that our voices can be heard. They can be heard in the depths of conversations that allow us to learn more about each other—our history, our culture, our ‘why’s’, and our ‘why not’s’, BEFORE condemning each other, individually or as a whole group of people! Our voices can be heard through much-needed prayer!

Peace and Blessings, Lisa B

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