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The Knot

How do you describe or define a ‘knot?’ Could it be a physical distortion of an object that ties a string, a cord, an object or even something like a water hose into a form that’s not easily untied? Depending on the size, the tightness or the general complexity of a ‘knot’, it may take minutes, hours or days to untangle the mangled twists. They can be intentionally created or inadvertently constructed. Intentional knots serve a specific purpose, mainly to restrict movement, to prevent unraveling or to keep something tied together. This is not Mr. Google’s definition or a borrowed description, but the raw thoughts of my tired mind on this Resurrection Sunday evening.

Although we mostly refer to a ‘knot’ based on its tangible nature, it can also take on an intangible form, as well. They can’t be physically touched, so figuratively speaking, we get them. We get KNOTS! We’re often knotted up! These so-called KNOTS form in our spirit, in our mind, our body, and our soul, and can be somewhat damaging. Seemingly, the best symmetry that comes to mind would be that of the lingering remnants of ingesting a toxic poison. Poison that doesn’t prove fatal, necessarily, but the wretched pain it inflicts is so excruciating that we may plead or pray for relief–a release!

So, think about it….What are some things, incidents or life happenings that might cause us to have ‘The KNOT Experience?’ I could list quite a few of my own, and I’m sure some would definitely ‘hit home’ for you too. Life certainly offers up situations that have us in KNOT mode. These KNOTS, characteristically, leave us consumed with worry– sometimes left feeling that we have nowhere to turn or no one to turn to. We know that this shouldn’t be or really isn’t the case, however, for some reason we just can’t shake it. Recognize them for what they are…KNOTS.

As my mind raced throughout the day about this blog that God has been nudging me to write for quite some time, I reflected on a conversation that I had months ago. During that talk, a friend and I, on the surface, discussed the ‘knot’ in the sense of relationships and marriage, i.e. “tying the knot.” It didn’t take but a moment, as our spirits are always in sync, before our minds journeyed through the expansive representation and synonymous meanings of a knot. As we further conversed, our thoughts peaked as parallels were drawn, comparing infamous knotted experiences to the likeness of a water hose. Yes, a water hose! How so, you might ask? Simple, yet profoundly realized, just like water is restricted when a water hose is in a knot or several knots, once these distortions of a perfectly straight, dent-free, firm hose are removed–all of the knots untied, the water is released to flow freely through the inner walls of the hose, functioning as designed. The pressure is now taken off. Wow! Ain’t that something?? Shouldn’t we learn to do the same–untie our KNOTS?? The lessons of a regular ole water hose…

Tying my thoughts together, reflecting on the awesome beauty of the Resurrection story, I’m thinking that when Jesus sacrificed His life for us, if He was like us, He certainly would have had a ‘KNOT Experience’– from the time He knew of His plight to the very moment that He breathed what could have been His last breath on earth. Contrarily, He accepted relinquishing His life, without struggle—no KNOTS of fear or resistance. He did this humbly and selflessly so that we could live. I’m so thankful that Jesus rose, and that we are able to celebrate, not only on Easter Sunday Morning, but every day that we have the blessing to experience the life that He died for!

What a blessing to know that we can rise above KNOT experiences. What a blessing to know that sometimes, like the water hose, we need to untangle the KNOTS that tangle our hearts, minds, bodies, and the very spirit of our intimate souls. What a blessing to know that we can experience the fluid spirit of God that equates to free-flowing water, calmly and beautifully running via an unrestricted hose. This can only happen when KNOTS no longer exist. I think we get rid of them by untying them, one at a time, removing the limitations and clearing the way of any obstruction. The release will occur as we momentarily breathe in the toxins that cause us to ‘knot’ up, then exhale them at a pace that serves to expand our positive energy, to renew our focus and above all, to solidify our faith!

Remember….Living a perfect life is perfectly unrealistic. Pretending to live one is just that– pretentious, and a sure-fire direct path to living a life laced with KNOTS (Known Negatives Offering (up a) Toxic Spirit).

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa B

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