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The Lift

At an inaugural team retreat this summer, in an effort to focus on and improve team building, I introduced this quote to our team, “Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire, and push each other. Unsuccessful people just hate, blame, and complain.” ~ Author Unknown. I felt it was a simple, yet powerful, solid, foundational approach to collectively building and strengthening a team, but also an opportunity to build individual character. Hmm…Seems like if the character of a person begins to improve, it could be the mark of a complete personal overhaul or a restoration project.

As I’ve read and continue to read back over the words of this quote, a few words jump out consistently, “…build each other up.” Building someone up directly correlated in my mind to lifting someone up…not literally, but figuratively speaking. Lifting someone’s spirit, making someone’s day, bringing on a smile, warming a person’s heart, making someone feel loved and needed, lifting someone in prayer, etc. — A multitude of things that are all representative of “good.” Don’t we all need a little, or sometimes a lot of “good” in our lives? We never know what a person is going through, has gone through or is about to go through that is weighing their heart, mind and spirit down.

So, in that vein, we should be a”Lifter.” We should promote the art and science of “lifting.” In doing so, speak life or make the lift live by telling a person why you’re lifting them. At that point, it becomes more personal. It’s doesn’t feel quite generic. The recipient of “the lift” knows that it is genuine, tailor-made, a designer lift, just for them.

Exactly how is this customized lift delivered, you might ask? It could go a little something like this… I’m lifting you because you just look like you might need something to make you smile.

I’m lifting you because you’ve been burdened with family problems.

I’m lifting you because you’re in limbo about finding the right place of worship.

I’m lifting you because you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one.

I’m lifting you because I’m sure you’re dealing with the uncertainty of or lack of a relationship.

I’m lifting you because your friendship circle has been broken. I’m lifting you because divorce appears to be knocking at your door or your spirit is still unsettled because of one.

I’m lifting you because you are in need of employment or you’re hating your job right now.

I’m lifting you because you’re living in fear because of a diagnosis, having health issues or just sick.

I’m lifting you because I know you battle depression.

I’m lifting you because you’re struggling with alcoholism or addiction.

I’m lifting you because your financial situation is need of repair.

I’m lifting you because you need a home, because you need transportation or because you’re just plain tired and simply need a break from the everyday woes of life!!!

There are hundreds of things that we can lift our brothers and sisters for. There is no way that I can know or write them all. What I do know is that the lift that you sacrifice a moment of your time to give, could be the very thing that gives someone a much-needed sigh of relief, resulting in an expression of gratitude. Sometimes that’s all we really need–To allow us put the car in neutral for a minute, regroup, then throw that vehicle in Drive and begin the acceleration process. Not speeding off fast and furiously, but coasting at a speed in which you can take in the scenery, appreciate God’s beautiful creation, have patience in His work, believe in your heart, with a renewed faith that God is the ultimate Lifter and that He has a plan to give you the best hydraulic experience ever.

So, search for it, believe for it, have Faith in it and TRUST, even in the doubtful moments, the incredible and powerful nature of who He is and what He can do in our lives. At this moment, I’m lifting you in Love! I’m lifting you because you need to and are well-equipped to lift someone else. I’m lifting you because sometimes I need you to lift me! Much like the lift of the bridge on this featured image, once the barrier is removed, I can travel safely through.

Peace & Blessings, Lisa B

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