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The Pour

I recently challenged my thoughts with the definition of the word, “pour”.  Believe it or not, my friend, Mr. Google, was not consulted. 😉  This plain, simple and everyday word is defined in my mind as, the flow of a liquid or other substance from one apparatus to another. The comparison that is analogous at the moment is hot tea, flowing from the teapot spout into a cup. Poured coffee also surfaces in the brain, however, my mind quickly races to the latest technology of those very popular Keurig machines. It still renders a poured cup, but not via the hand-to-pot touch of a traditional coffee pot or coffee maker. The Keurig machinery sure does dispense delicious, hot brewed coffee, and we still get to witness the art of “the pour.”

So, where is all of this coming from? More importantly, where is it going? Hopefully, The Cherry Vine has previously challenged the thoughts of readers by creating symmetrical views and alternative thinking with posts like, “The Knot”, “The Basement”, and “The Lift”, to name a few. “The Pour” has a similar purpose. Like the others,  it wouldn’t leave my spirit, so it too had to find a landing space—a speaking engagement on this moving vine.

It all started with a Facebook post a week or so ago. Sitting at home on a Friday evening, waiting, and waiting, and waiting for family to arrive for a weekend of Women’s Empowerment 2018, I took a selfie, and shared this with it… Geez Louise!!! Still waiting for the slow-as-poured-molasses fam crew from Bertie. The post was a snapshot in time of my minor frustration, laced with a little sarcasm, and a hint of comedic undertone, but more than anything, it was about love for my ‘tardy-for-the-party’ family. 🙂

Why did the molasses reference surface? It was surely a country delicacy for me growing up! Breakfast didn’t get much better than mama’s homemade biscuits, fried pork fatback meat or salmon cakes (with onions, of course), hot cheese grits, and my special order of a hard-fried egg white, with a puddle of molasses on the plate. Y-u-m-m-y! We were so in love with this liquid sugar, that family even made molasses pudding!  Served up warm, it was and still is a treat for this ole country girl! I can still visualize the slow pour of that dark, sweet, thick molasses from the jar into the mixing bowl. The flow was definitely unhurried, hence the correlated phrase, “the slow-as-poured-molasses fam crew…”  It’s all about the timing of the pour…

Much like we are operators of the traditional pouring of liquids or substances into cups, bowls, glasses, etc., and as God is not only The Creator, but also the operator of and responsible for the pouring of rain from the heavens, we are responsible for the spiritual pouring of our words and actions into others. I believe, well I know, that God expects us to share our life’s testimonies, our experiences–failures and successes– in an effort to encourage, uplift, empower, educate, and give Godly counsel to others. We haven’t had these life happenings to sit on them in silence, figuratively speaking. I’m certainly not suggesting putting all of the intricate details of our lives on blast or on front-street, but when the opportunity presents itself in a moment when your gut, mind, heart, and soul align, our input and/or sharing can speak life to someone in need of a mere glimmer of hope. It could be the very thing that minimizes the feeling of worry or even depression. It could be the very thing that simply lets them know that they are not alone in the fight. It could be the very thing that springs forth an, “I can get through this” or a “You know what? God really does have this” moment. If you’ve journeyed through this life like I have, you’ve learned from countless mistakes. Sharing stories of these blunders, some of which are often repeated, our accomplishments in getting to the other side of them, and being transparent in thanking God for deliverance in overcoming them, can be light to that person who is experiencing temporary darkness. It is the beautiful orchestration of pouring into someone else’s life. It is affectionately called, “The Pour.”

So, as we all have taken different paths to our current space, the journey here provides some opportunities to pour. We must admit that none of us got/have it all right, and should accept that people have those same struggles. They could use a pouring of care, concern, encouragement, history, a financial blessing, and love. They could use a pouring of the God in us! It’s not optional when you’re lead to do so. It is our duty, as children of a giving God! We aren’t, and never will be perfect, but with His perfect guidance, we can effectively determine the timing, the consistency, and the frequency of “The Pour.” We can let the sweet spirit of somehow being a blessing to someone else flow from one vessel to another, pot-to-cup, heart-to-heart, and one day the recipient of that blessing will take its turn to pour also. “The Pour” is reciprocal. “The Pour” is Godly!

On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, the 2-year anniversary of The Cherry Vine, I’m humbled and grateful, that you have allowed the flow of my thoughts to pour into your heart, your mind, your spirit and the core of your hopefully cherry-inspired soul! Thanks, as always, for taking moments to read, to follow, to comment, to narrate, and to share your guest blog expressions on The Cherry Vine and the YouTube channel.  I appreciate the love, the encouragement, and your continued support! Thanks for pouring! 🙂

Peace and Blessings, Lisa B

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